Thursday, October 13, 2016

Going Cold Turkey

I'm about to go work a men's retreat weekend. I've decided to turn my phone off while I'm away, only checking it at night and in the morning to see if there are any emergencies. Under normal circumstances, I'm a total Twitter and Internet addict. I check my phone all the time. According to Nicholas Carr, this is a bad thing.

3 1/2 days isn't enough to rewire your brain, but I suspect that by Sunday, I'll either be much calmer or a total, raving maniac. In the meantime, I'll queue up blog posts here because I'm OCD about daily blogging. I apologize in advance for not replying to any comments that come in. Those will have to wait until Monday.

1 comment:

Foxfier said...

I can't say that I put much faith in the folks who openly state that they're making money by finding out what we're afraid of and weaving a storyline where it's got some legitimacy, but I hope you enjoy the retreat.