Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seed Racing Update

The bookies have spoken. I've contacted the odds makers in the one city known for wild parties, gambling and massive hotels and casinos. Colesburg, Iowa. They gave me the current lines of each of the seeds.

As you recall, the contest is to see which species is ready to transplant into my garden first. We've got English Daisies, English Lavender, Painted Daisies and Gold Dust Alyssum. The seeds were planted on October 15. The race is reaching a fevered pitch and the gambling has begun. Here's the current oddsboard.

Painted Daisies 2-1
Gold Dust Alyssum 3-1
English Lavender 5-1
English Daisies 10-1

Some of Sports Illustrated's top photographers have been out to take action photos of the competitors. Until that magazine goes to press, you'll just have to make do with the pictures I took from my digital camera. Click on them for more detail.

The Painted Daisies and Gold Dust Alyssum are running neck and neck.

The English seem to be on a bank holiday or perhaps it's tea time.

Some of the Painted Daisies have begun to sprout adult leaves. If any of the folks from BlossomSwap come by, I'd really like to know the term for the first leaves, the ones that are softly rounded and do not resemble the leaves of the adult plant.

You can place your bets by driving to the Colesburg Apiary or by participating in the poll below. By California law, you are allowed to vote once per day. Vote responsibly. Know when to quit. If you have a Seed Racing addiction, please contact K T Cat by email and we'll make sure help gets to you right away. Lots of help. Have some tuna ready. That helps.

Which type of plant will be the first one to be transplantable?
English Daisies
Painted Daisies
English Lavender
Gold Dust Alyssum
I can't pick. This is too exciting! I need to go lie down for a while
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Anonymous said...

Hello, your seed leaves are called "cotolydons" (my spelling may be off) your first true leaves are cute too :)

From B.S.

K T Cat said...