Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sell Your Entertainment Stocks, the Hamsters are on the Way!

Peter Grant acknowledges the vital role we hamsters play in the nation's entertainment industry in an article in today's Wall Street Journal entitled, "Coming to Your TV -- Homemade Hamster Videos?".

You bet we are. We're cute, fuzzy and boundless wellsprings of joy. Here's more from his article.

On Monday, Comcast launched a trial version of, a Web site that uses contests to attract homegrown videos, with the best then available for Comcast's video-on-demand TV service. Verizon, meantime, is close to a deal with YouTube, according to people familiar with the matter. If it happens, Verizon TV subscribers are likely to be able to watch the top YouTube videos of the day for a fee.
Here's the key graph for me.

In the future, it's likely they'll give consumers the ability to access individually produced videos from a number of different sites.
If I was a Hollywood studio mogul, I'd be rewriting all of my contracts to actors and actresses downwards. Competition drives prices down, even in the land of socialist nincompoops. If I were Sean Penn, I'd be worrying a lot less about politics and a lot more about how I will be making my house payments in the future. The real economic revolution isn't coming in your living room, it's coming in the back lots of Disney. We're outsourcing our entertainment production. Go to a local high school or college football game. Matt Damons and Kirsten Dunsts are all over the place. There's a glut of beautiful people out there. Matt's advantage was that he was "found" by Hollywood talent scouts. No advantage any more, Matt.

As for hamsters, we're going to occupy the center stage now. Check this out.

Jessica Wells runs a hamster shelter in New York, and recently added videos to the shelter's Web site that were produced by site visitors. She'd like to see them go on TV to help her raise funds and to educate viewers on proper hamster treatment. Ms. Wells says some of her videos get hundreds of hits.
Here's one.

Err, it's not exactly "House" yet, but we're working on it.

She's got a hammie blog. She might be a good addition to the Feline Theocracy .


Niall Mor said...

Small hairy animals going around in circles--Like NASCAR with fur :)!

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Romeocat said...

LOL, yeah, you're right, KT - I definitely needed that! Now I can go pick up the Munchkin form school and take her to her riding lesson with a smile on my face.

Oh, and if she's veryvery good and does her chores and homework, I'll let her watch the video. Even *IF* I'll hear some serious begging for a hamster!

Thanks again,

-- Kat