Monday, November 20, 2006

The Right Questions are Being Asked

Hugh Hewitt posts about hunting for new ideas. Michael Barone has more.

Here's a thought, gentlemen. How about using Web 2.0 to find new ideas? Like proposing them and discussing them on blogs. What makes you think that the think tanks at Heritage and the like know more than we do? Do you think that the politicians didn't know about Heritage? Of course they knew. They didn't enact any of the concepts of limited government because the general voting population didn't want them.

The key is to persuade the general population about the ideas we've had for quite some time. It's probably rude to quote yourself, but I'll say it again anyway.

We need to focus on public opinion, not politicians. The biggest problem we face is not Trent Lott devouring both shoes at the same time, but how we will educate our fellow citizens about the fiscal cliff we are racing towards. There is no indication that Trent Lott and his cronies see any of this as a problem. They may say that when they come and give speeches to conservative groups, but they don’t behave like it matters to them at all.

The politicians will do whatever gets them votes. Until we manage to raise the awareness of the general population the politicians on both sides will continue to slop the trough with money we can’t afford.
I will be posting a Persuasion Tuesday entry tomorrow.

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