Friday, November 10, 2006

Yard Work

This weekend I'm working on part of my front yard. It's bare dirt right now, but I think I've got everything I need to prepare the soil for plants. Let's see if I do.

Work area? Check.

Tools? Check.

PVC pipe and cement? Check.

Foreman? Check.

Now comes the nerve-wracking part. My foreman gives my work a cat scan.

Whew! I think it passed her test.

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Unknown said...

Everything will be fine as long as you obey our Maximum Leader's commands.


Jen said...

And around here it's hard to find quality help. Looks like you really lucked out with the kitty for the job. Hope the plants look great.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the Maximum Leader doesn't confuse the work area for a (ahem) "dump" area...


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