Friday, November 17, 2006

Using Every Crayon in the Box

I was fortunate to get to Virginia right near the peak of the fall foliage colors. I probably missed it by about a week. I had some time during this trip to get out and take pictures in daylight. As I did so, I was struck by two thoughts. One was a revision of the famous quote from Casablanca. "I remember the day well. The sky wore grey, you wore red, yellow and orange."

The other thought I had was that the deciduous trees had decided to take all of the warm colored crayons from the box and the sky had chosen all the cool colors. The pine trees, being naturally indecisive creatures, split the difference.

Warm in the foreground, cool in the background.

A little yellow, a little blue and voila! we have agreed with both sides! How very nuanced.

There were a bunch of these trees with grey houses in the background. It looks like the landscaper chose trees to provide just this kind of contrast. It was wonderful.

Give me the red crayons. All of them!

I'm pretty sure that all of these shots came from Alexandria. I took some pictures around Carderock, but I don't think I chose any of those. They were still lovely, but these were more dramatic.

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