Saturday, November 25, 2006

The L A Times is Working for the Enemy

Our Patriarch of the Airwaves linked to this piece by Patterico wherein he Fisks an article by the L A Times alleging that Coalition forces bombed a residential area in Ramadi.

The L A Times, apparently, was using a stringer who is aligned with the insurgency. They've been using this stringer for quite a while.

Terrorism's only weapon is publicity. Without that, they have no real power. They cannot take and hold territory, they cannot inflict unacceptable military losses on the enemy and they do not command industries that can build a significant fighting force while they prolong the war. All they have is the media. If a bomb goes off in Ramadi and no one reports it, the terrorists have lost. If someone reports it, they've gained some advantage give or take the cost of the attack on their own resources.

If no bomb goes off and one is reported, they've won a huge victory. It is the ultimate in assymetric warfare. A payoff in exchange for nothing at all. An infinite rate of return.

The L A Times reporters either do not know this or they do know it and hate America so much that they publish this trash. In either case, the L A Times must go bankrupt for the good of the nation. They are enemy propaganda tool, plain and simple.

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