Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rovian Robot Rabbits

Our Prelate to the Primates brings to our attention a seemingly innocent campaign of pranks occurring in Vermont where white bunnies are being spray painted on the road. He suggests that this may be a prelude to a bunny invasion of the kind presaged by the attack on the ultra-manly Jimmy Carter.

While we are impressed with his deductive reasoning, we would urge him to consult the Republican Conspiracy Manual, Volume 18, pages 14-218 to 14-220. There he will find the true meaning of these incidents. To save him the time, we have done the interpretation for him.

Original image of the locations on a map.

The proper graphical interpretation.

By using your Karl Rove decoder ring and cross-referencing it with the mold patterns on your bathroom wall tile grout, you will achieve the proper interpretation.

Hint: It involves robot rabbits stealing the upcoming election.

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