Saturday, September 02, 2006

The EU Military Proves Its Superiority

Don't ever let them tell you the Europeans are an emasculated bunch of pansies. Just look at this video. Or part of it. It goes on for a long time. I mean a really long time.

Plumed hats. Anyone wanna piece of a mutha with a plumed hat?

There's no way the US can compete. Here's a video of the Marines in action in Fallujah.

No plumed hats. How pathetic.

H/T: Kelly the Little Black Dog.


Zeus said...

Switzerland has a lot of time on their hands to learn how to drum and coordinate dance routines. They should take the act to Vegas!

K T Cat said...

I felt bad picking on the Swiss like this. I spent some time on Lake Lucerne and the people and place were lovely.

I still wouldn't send them into combat.

Justin said...

Well they're not REAL military... I don't think.

Niall Mor said...

Looks like a cross between the touring company of "Stomp" and the Nuremburg rallies :-).

Niall Mor said...

Looks like a cross between the touring company of "Stomp" and the Nuremburg rallies :-).

Kukka-Maria said...

"Top Secret Drum Corp."

::snicker, snicker::


I've just laughed so hard I snorted my water through my nose! You know how important it is to keep these drum corps "top secret!"

(I had to go back and listen to it three times to make sure I heard that correctly.)

Anonymous said...

Nothing the Machine Gun Company of the (former) 1st Batallion of the 42nd Regiment of Foot couldn't do. While wearing skirts. And playing bagpipes.

staghounds said...

Hey, ignorant ones, some facts-

Switzerland is NOT in the EU, they have repeatedly refused because they will not cede their independence to Brussels.

Switzerland has been a republic far longer than the United States has. The Swiss model was often referred to by our founders in discussions about the form of government we should adopt.

EVERY healthy Swiss man is a trained member of the army, and has a government issued fully automatic assault rifle at home in case it's needed. Shooting is the third most popular Swiss outdoor pastime.

Switzerland is the only contiguous country Germany was afraid to invade in the twentieth century. The Kaiser and Hitler both thought the Swiss were too tough a nut to try to crack.

Switzerland is far more like the United States than any other country on earth. Armed population, independent state governments, free speech and religion, fiercely independent, all that stuff. They are still a pretty good model.

And the Swiss drum exhibition squad is no more or less silly than the U. S. Navy drill team shown proudly here last week.

Learn before you jabber.

K T Cat said...


Yep, Switzerland is a grand place. The people there are marvelous and everyone does their time. And when their neighbors were genocidally slaughtering each other just a few hundred miles away in Yugoslavia, the Euroweenies managed to take care of the problem all by themselves.

Er, maybe not. But they do have these nifty drum and dance groups.

When our drill teams are done, they pick up their weapons and kick ass. When theirs are done, they go to a cafe and sip teeny cups of coffee.

You're welcome.

By the way, I said before that I felt picking on the Swiss was unfair. It happened to be an easy video to find, thanks to Kelly the Little Black Dog. I didn't feel like scouring YouTube for pictures of French or German soldiers prancing around. I admit it was a cheap shot at the Swiss.