Monday, September 18, 2006

How Come They Didn't Tell Me?

September 14 was World Hearing Voices Day.

Towards the end of last year Louise Pembroke came up with the idea of HVN having a world wide day to raise awareness of and de-stigmatise hearing voices experiences. Well the idea was spread around and greeted with enthusiasm, the result being that September 14 2006 has been declared World Hearing Voices Day.
All this time The Voices have been telling me to mop the floor with ketchup, wrap my head in aluminum foil and talk in Greek to my Gerbera aurantiaca, but they never told me about this? No wonder they were silent on the 14th. They were all at a special party just for them and they didn't invite me! Lousy ingrates. I'll fix them. Next time they tell me to wave whole catfish at passing airliners while dancing an Irish jig, I'll show them. I'll do a waltz instead. Ha! That'll show 'em.

H/T: Blithering Bunny.

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