Friday, July 14, 2006

Two Quick Thoughts

Two thoughts I had today while reading the news out of Israel.

1.  The two alternative concepts for dealing with the Islamofascists have been tried.  The Coalition invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and tackled them head on.  The Israelis disengaged.  The result of both efforts was war.  One war fought on Israel's homeland and the other fought on the Islamofascists homeland.  This leads you to conclude that the West did not declare war, the Islamofascists did.  No matter which way you turned, you got war.

2.  If Saddam were still in power, he'd be working feverishly to get the bomb.  He couldn't afford to allow his arch-enemy, Iran, to have it and be without it himself.  Imagine a Middle East with both Iraq and Iran nuclear powers.

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