Sunday, July 30, 2006

Carnival of the Cats #123


Morrison the cat is hereby granted the Feline Theocracy's Legion of Feline Merit Medal with Catnip Leaf Cluster for his conspicuous gallantry in protecting his family. It is a catwa from our Maximum Leader that you immediately visit his blog post and complement him vigorously. We now continue with the normal Carnival.

Obey the catwa or no tuna for you!

And so it begins. The Carnival of the Cats. Perhaps the greatest blog carnival of them all. An attempt to capture the essence of those most mysterious and wondrous of all creatures, cats.

Out of her Theocratic vestments and exhausted from her daily exertions, our Maximum Leader, K T Cat, issues a single word command. "Carnival."

This week's carnival is organized the way a cat might organize its day.


Beezer plus chair. You do the math.

Hakuna and Matata with predictable results.


Tucker knows what time it is. Do you?

Chatty Catty hides.

Scratching and Stretching

The dangerous, but beautiful Hiss.

The House of Chaos finds that tail movement is not always what it seems.

Nicholson would prefer to let her back do the talking.

Stray sunbathing.

Da Nator has all the poses.

Ritzi stretches out on the sofa.

A wet Izzy dries off.

Morris stretches this way and that.


Foolish human, says Bagheera, thou knowest not what thoughts I think.

Picato thinks existential thoughts.

Lovely photo. Mysterious caption. Far Cartouche has it.

Tanya thinks shapes undrawable in colors unseeable.

Lilly thinks about her life as a photographer's model.

Tiny thinks deeply.

Hobbes is in charge. Was there any question?

Pepper and friends have unfathomable expressions.

Sabby sits and thinks.

Grace with thoughts that live up to her name.

Do they draw inspiration from us as they draw warmth? Is that something we supply? Catymology poses the question.

Piper thinks dark thoughts.


A limerick from Lim.

As close as you come to Bagheera, the mystery remains far away.


Mr. Cornelious will not allow his prey to escape. Even if it can't move.

Mr. Gato sleeps a watchful slumber.

Kai and Xena are growing into clever hunters.

Squeaker watches. Squeaker knows.

The mouse caught, Taboo cools down.

Rico Loco looks for birds.


Is it a prelude to sleeping for Minga, or is just another inscrutably cute cat?

Tigger reacts to a new addition to the family.

Rico and Rafe take a well-deserved break from the neverending demands of being cute and furry.

Jax must sleep. Jax will dream of lovely ladies in California.

Many things are more fun when shared. Ginger says sleep is one of them.

Cold gems, warm heart. The elms have it.

Peaceful warmth is all Rocket asks.

Active cats need regeneration. Pixel says.

A jumble of cats. Or a furry octopus? Stereophile has the answer.

BYOP. Stereophile has the answer again.

Mycah just before the lights go out.

Maggie, warmth and darkness. Does it get any better than this?

Beds mean sleep. This is a bed, isn't it? Ajax is on the job.

Hugo and Charlie coming up or going down?

Lilly is lovely when lounging.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. Bows plays the part.

One way to beat the heat is to be...under the covers? That's what Maddie says.


Tinker and Harley let curiosity be their guide.

Princess Lotus Blossum and Riley find the world anew each day.

Manx Mnews shows how to explore new yoga positions.

Sisu's kitten explores the world.

Tiny must find the answers.

Crinkly things, oh crinkly things! They must be explored with great vigor! So sayeth Sergei.

Velvet and Arty explore the jungle.

Moving means change. Change needs we must explore. Mog has more.

Thanks to everyone for participating and a special thanks to Laurence Simon for making this possible.


slightlysatan said...

Couldn't help noticing that the link to the 'beautiful but dangerous hiss' liked to Far Cartouche instead.
I'm not sure which Hiss-pic you were linking to, but here's the addy for the latest one.
He's very proud to be included :)

K T Cat said...

Thanks for letting me know. I think I've got it fixed.

Justin said...

Speaking from experience, it's an easy mistake to make.

Nice job :)

PJ said...

What a great carnival, thanks!

the Robot Vegetable said...

Great Carnival, the spiritual theme is cool.

As is the transmigration of kitty souls: I see slightystan caught a domino invoving Far Cartouche, and now I see Bagheera has fallen on Houdini at Middle-Fork. I knew Houdini got around, but maybe Bagheera might take offense. Um, wait...

(goes off to count the black cats in the house)

Anonymous said...

Excellent carnival!

Aloysius said...

A purr-fect carnival! I'm inspired to take a nap. Then I'll write you a poem, seeing as how I'm the Poet Laureate in the Feline Theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Just got back into town and learned of the honors bestowed upon Morrison this week. Many thanks. He's doing better, btw.