Friday, July 21, 2006

Feline Milk Attack!

I'm sitting here trying to surf a few blogs while I eat a bowl of cereal and what happens? Our Maximum Leader executes a classic Milk Attack. First, there is the frontal assault.

After the bowl is put out of her reach comes the reconnaissance.

Not to be denied, she explores bridging the gulf that separates her from her objective.

In the end, she withdrew, tempted by a sunbeam in another room. Whew! Was that a close call.


Anonymous said...

Got Milk?

The kitties in Lebanon have none...

K T Cat said...


I appreciate your continued visits. Believe it or not, I also appreciate your sentiments. I'm working on a post just for you. To quote another blogger, "Not only should the people of Gaza or Lebanon not be living in poverty. They should be rich."

Anonymous said...

Cats can be persistent little buggers, can't they?

Happy Friday!