Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Glorious Day for the Feline Theocracy

Today is a wondrous day in the Feline Theocracy! Today we invest three new members who have served our Maximum Leader in links and blog posts. Quickly bring the finest catnip and let us roll in it; put a new mousie toy on the floor and drag a string around as well. Take the fattened tuna and slaughter it. Then let us celebrate with a feast, because these bloggers have come into the fold.

The first is the inestimable Hugh Hewitt. He is hereby granted the title of "Patriarch of the Airwaves for the Feline Theocracy." He has been extraordinarily solicitous and supportive of our blog. We are deeply grateful.

The second is Gaius Arbo of Blue Crab Boulevard. Gaius is named "Prelate to the Primates" in honor of his blog's founder. You'll just have to visit his site and see what we mean. Gaius has been very generous in his links and comments. We pledge not to shed on his sofa should we ever come over to visit.

Finally, we have The Ugly American from The Real Ugly American. The Ugly American may hereby use the title "Vicar of Victory". In the last week, he has been an active linker, far surpassing the required link to this blog and tithing of 10% of his traffic. His title doesn't refer to victory in war, but to his very impressive accomplishments in life.

Thank you all. The Official Artist of the Theocracy, Justin, produced this handsome graphic. Feel free to use it on your blog if you'd like.

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