Friday, September 22, 2023

Wakanda Forever

On Twitter, one of the best, but also most distressing, accounts is K9 Reaper. He's a South African who is both chronicling the collapse of that once great nation and trying to maintain what little civilization remains. Here's one of his most recent tweets.

SASSA grants still haven't paid out for most applicants - in a country where just over 50% of the population -> 30 million -> on some form of government grant and only 7% of this country are tax payers? 

No water to a city of over 3 million people? Tshwane. 

Crime stats:

  • 75 murders a day.
  • 80 hijackings a day.
  • 4 children murdered daily.
  • 4 women raped every hour.

Massive land grabs take place daily.

Our farmers are dying.

Borders that consist of nothing more than chicken wire (literally), and that's the parts that actually have a fence. 

Fire is being used as a weapon to destabilise(sic) the country.

All forms of infrastructure crumbling. 

Copper cable theft is off the charts.. in my area alone, they steal a minimum of around 50m a month. Including the destroying mini subs, switching stations and transformers. 

3 to 4 incidents of civilian based public unrest (riots) daily.

And how do we fight this? With structured community safety initiatives. There is no other way. We will simply do it ourselves. 

Our country is dying, and it needs you. Now.

"Ape, together strong."

The place is in late-stage collapse. Copper cables have been stolen from the power grid to be sold as scrap. The power network has reached the point where it can't be effectively rerouted around the missing connections. Blackouts are common. Between the collapse of the water infrastructure and lack of electricity for the pumping stations, water isn't getting to the cities. His tweet describes the rest.

Here in the US, we have no idea this is happening. We have absolutely no idea that this is the result of African tribes going at it just like they've done for millennia. Instead, we get racial fairy tales.

To describe reality would be to partially rehabilitate European colonialism and imperialism. Because our intelligentsia has been taken over by anti-white neo-Nazis, there's no more chance of that happening than of great white sharks achieving warp drive*.

We're in Italy now. Yesterday, on the flight into Heathrow, one of the worst-run airports in the developed world, wife kitteh watched "Till," the Emmitt Till story. It's about a black dude who was unjustly murdered in segregated Mississippi. You don't need to know the story or see the movie to have a perfect idea of it. Every white person is a hate-filled, screaming bigot. Every black person is well-spoken and suffers in quiet dignity.

It's a true story. It really happened. It also has nothing to do with what is happening today, either here or in South Africa. It's just one racial fairy tale from an endless buffet of racial fairy tales.

We are intellectually and emotionally ill-equipped to deal with the modern world. That's not good for anyone, regardless of race.

Semi-Related Multimedia

I didn't have the stomach to add a topic-related image on this post. I'm sick of the whole subject. It actually makes me nauseous, but I can't stop posting what I think and see. Instead, I'll share this video. Team Faculty Lounge is enforcing the fairy tale fantasy model on us in all kinds of ways. Dig this.


* - When they do, we're all screwed.

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Ilíon said...

I too loathe *all* the racial fairy tales, and *especially* the ones which try to corrupt Christianity in support that particular collectivist fantasy.

I have experienced bullying, and indeed attempted murder, from both whites and blacks. Clearly, I need to hate all whites and all blacks as though they are hive-mind collectives and not sinful individual human beings ... just as I am.

Maybe I could play up my Indian ancestry ... and "collectivize" myself -- as an excuse for refusing admit the truth that *all* humans are sinners.

While I didn't understand it until a few years later, as a college freshman, I was repeatedly drugged and sexually assaulted by my roommate (who was about 3 years older than I). Obviously, my only option is to hate all ghey person *as a collective*, rather than hating the sin which is destroying their lives.