Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Election? What Election?

I keep thinking that there are massive, non-political forces in motion right now. Dig this.

This is one small segment in time at one small point in the border. The cataract of illegals is coming constantly across the entire border.

These people aren't going to stay in Texas. Some will go to NYC, some will go to Chicago, some will go elsewhere. In my last two posts, we saw the mayor of NYC say that his city was doomed because of the illegals pouring into it and then we saw illegals camping at Chicago's O'Hare airport. The flow of illegals isn't stopping, it's just getting worse. If NYC and Chicago are in trouble now, just imagine them in, say, 6 months.

I keep thinking the polls mean nothing right now because there are massive changes on the way that will affect politics, but aren't themselves political.

Bonus Take

Team Faculty Lounge is not responsible for any real world results. They can spout all day long about how diversity makes us stronger, no humans are illegal and we must tear down the structures of the white supremacist patriarchy, but in the end, they go home to very nice houses driving very nice cars. The mayors of the cities that bought into their rubbish, however, are responsible for maintaining law and order, providing services and managing their city's infrastructure.

Team Faculty Lounge has taken over the culture, but it's other people who have to do real work within the confines of the new culture. That disconnect is being made manifest now.

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