Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Jews Kept Me From Finishing My Workout At The Gym

My last two workouts have been meh. Both times, I've quit my lifting early and skipped my cardio. I just didn't feel like it.

I regretted not doing a full workout a few hours later each time. I only added another 30 minutes to my day and I didn't do anything significant with that time. If I had finished my workouts, I'd have been a great deal happier with myself.

In those same last two days, I've also interacted with an antisemite, an anti-black racist and an anti-white racist on Twitter. Talk about vapid! I didn't spend much time on any of them, just some short chitchat, enough to see where things were going.

Reflecting on those interactions after having disappointed myself at the gym, what struck me was that so long as you could blame another group for your problems, you yourself couldn't be expected to perform at your highest level. After all, no matter what you did, the Jews, the blacks or the whites were going to use their magical powers and hold you back.

It's all the same. Hating another race, blaming another race or playing the victim gives you endless reasons for not having put in the time and effort to improve your body, your career or your relationships.

What a bunch of losers.

Here, we see Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky issuing orders to the global Jewish conspiracy to make my precious bodily fluids impure and rob me of my ambition. Oh sure, he might seem like a really nice guy, but it's all a sham. What he and the other Jews want is for me to cut my workouts short so they can take control of the world. Because, you know, they all think about me all the time.

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Chuck Pergiel said...

You funny guy.