Sunday, September 10, 2023

Maybe They Could Erect Tents Inside O'Hare Airport

First of all, you have to realize that the open border has been an unqualified success. The goal was to tear down the unjust structures of society which were constructed by straight, white, Christian men to maintain the power and oppress women, minorities and the LGBTQWERTY crew. That is the explicit purpose of the open border, as clearly laid out in any number of progressive books, essays and speeches.

The process after that is a bit hazy. It goes something like this.

  1. Destroy the white supremacist patriarchy.
  2. Mumble mumble mumble.
  3. Now we have a just society!

We are nearing the end of phase 1. In Chicago, for example, illegals aren't just being housed in the police stations, they're being housed at O'Hare airport as well.

Chicago leaders are facing backlash over hundreds of migrants being housed at O’Hare International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest airports. 

Chicago reporter William Kelly joined “Fox & Friends” Thursday to discuss what the city has been experiencing as a result of the influx of migrants.

More than 400 migrants are reportedly being housed in a section of the airport, hidden from public view behind black curtains, up from 31 at the beginning of August. 

Kelly said the airport is one of only 18 migrant shelters in Chicago and that homeless Americans are no longer allowed to stay at the airport.

As a veteran traveler who used to be an American Airlines Platinum Aadvantage member, this is simply mind-boggling. So many things come to mind when I see this. I'll give you some in bullet form.

  • The border states aren't emptying out their illegals as they arrive. They have a massive backlog of illegals, numbering in the millions. Even if we completely closed the border today, busses of illegals would continue to arrive in Chicago, NYC, LA and elsewhere for at least another year. 
  • What is this going to look like in a year when the number of illegals in these cities triples or worse?
  • What is this going to look like when winter hits Chicago and NYC? This coming week, nighttime temperatures will get down into the low 50s.
  • How many illegals can O'Hare take before concourses get taken out of action? Do you trust the Team Faculty Lounge geniuses running Chicago to know? Isn't it more likely that they'll find out when it happens?
  • The US air traffic network is very rigid and fragile. American, who has a mammoth hub at O'Hare, can't simply declare that Oklahoma City is now their Midwest hub and start routing flights through there.
  • Where are the illegals showering? What are they eating? Where are they going to go if Chicago decides to move them out of the airport?

Team Faculty Lounge has taken a swipe at answering that last question. Tents. Military-grade tents.

The City of Chicago is working to solidify housing plans for more than 1,000 asylum seekers and migrants who are currently being housed in police station lobbies across the city.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate nearly 1,600 migrants and asylum seekers to winterized base camps where they would be housed in large military-grade tents.

The mayor answered questions about plans to create tent-style housing for migrants and asylum seekers at an unrelated press conference Friday morning.

Where would this be? They don't know. Who will pay for it? They don't know. How will the residents be fed, stay warm and receive medical care? They don't know. Where will their non-English-speaking children go to school? They don't know.

However, the tents will be military-grade, so there's that. When Chicago gets 2' of snow, the tents will be OK because they will be military-grade. Dig this news hit from the story linked above.

There's a section there were an alderman, looking like a deer in the headlights, tells the citizens of Chicago not to worry because Very Smart People are working on this problem and will have a solution soon.

I would bet the mortgage that almost none if any of those Very Smart People are US Army sergeants with a ton of experience logistically supporting large forces in the field.

Still, I have confidence in Team Faculty Lounge. It may seem like they don't have a plan for the "mumble mumble mumble" phase, but rest assured, they do.

It's mumble mumble mumble.

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Ohioan@Heart said...

I think they have a very clear plan for the “mumble mumble mumble” phase.

The first step was shown by the New Mexico Governor yesterday. Then to distract it will be: “Trump, Trump, Trump” 24/7/365 until November 2024. And then all the ‘blue no matter who’ sheeple will dutifully vote to double down on the current insanity. And even if there aren’t enough of them, the irregularities will ensure that the all the counts come out D.