Monday, September 04, 2023

Reality Doesn't Matter In Minneapolis

 ... or almost anywhere else in the US for that matter.

I've been thinking a bit more about this graphic from my previous post. 

Those are test scores from a large, public high school in deep blue Minneapolis. If you were the most virulent anti-black racist from 1952 Mississippi, you couldn't hope for better results. The Minneapolis Public Schools website yields over 100 results for documents containing the word "diversity." Here's the top hit, their Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment. Here's a snippet.

MPS is committed to identifying and correcting practices and policies that perpetuate the achievement gap and institutional racism in all forms. The purpose of this policy is to establish "a framework for the elimination of bias, particularly racism and cultural bias, as factors affecting student achievement and learning experiences, and to promote learning and work environments that welcome, respect and value diversity. Further, the purpose is to establish particular actions that the District shall take to address disparities in educational opportunity and achievement."

With that as their motivation, they've produced disparities that rival the very worst from the segregated South. It's a good thing they're not the Minneapolis Fire Department or the place would look like Dresden after the fire bombing.

I finished Christopher Rufo's outstanding book, America's Cultural Revolution and it's opened my eyes to all kinds of things. I'll blog ad nauseum about them in the future, but I really wanted to get this one point out there.

The woke progressives who have captured our culture are charlatans and fantasists. They are ignoramuses utterly unaware of history, art or literature. This is immediately obvious in the way they isolate the slavery of the Antebellum South from all the rest of human history as if it was shocking and unique. They are fantasists in that they have invented and inhabit a make-believe world where race and gender are all-important.

The progs have managed to find a secret door into our cultural control room by capturing our universities. From there, they captured the education industry and with that, they've indoctrinated our children. They succeeded because the rest of us didn't think the English Department at Brown University was worth defending. How much damage can a bunch of idiots do if they control that? We laughed at them tearing down Shakespeare and went about our lives. All the while, they were worming their way into near total control of the culture.

Rufo has consumed hundreds of books and papers written by the progs, digested them and analyzed what happened. The progs believe the country is inherently unjust. To achieve justice, the progs believe that all of the structures of civilization must be torn down. It is worthless to teach children to read words if we don't teach them to read the world. That is, ideology trumps performance.

To them, the chart above proves Minneapolis is structurally racist. Their solution to structural racism is to destroy the structure. Only after that can a just society be built. They're a bit hazy on how to do that last part.

Because the people running the education system are charlatans and fantasists, they ruin everything they touch. Test scores get worse. The solution to worse test scores is more destruction. Lather, rinse, repeat.

By capturing the culture they've managed to poison our discourse. Only a fool would look at those test scores and suggest that anything other than racism was at play. It's a suicide mission to suggest that the black kids aren't even showing up for class despite the data proving it.

So we all walk around pretending reality is something other than it is. 

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