Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Border Crisis Explained In Two Short Clips

Replacing white people is a good thing.

Destroying the country is a good thing.

Meanwhile, the conveyer belt is moving at top speed.

Italy Invasion Update

Dig this.


tim eisele said...

An interesting point about Italy: Their population has dropped by over a million people since its peak in 2014, and they are forecast to be down by a bit over 8 million people by 2050[1]. 18,000 immigrants is only 0.2% of the number of people that they would need to maintain a stable population.

As far as the impact of immigrants on the economy of Italy, I think we need to consider that a new-born infant is not going to be able to contribute to the workforce for something on the order of 18 years, and is in fact going to be a net consumer rather than a net producer that whole time. So increasing their birthrate will take a long time to do them any good. Meanwhile, an immigrant is going to be able to go to work immediately, and will only need a year or two to get fluent enough in the language to be at least equivalent to an 18+ year old native Italian worker.


Ilíon said...

Democrats and their leftists puppet-masters have been *openly* crowing since at least 1980 of the on-going success of their goal to "brown" America.