Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Our Constitution Was Made Only For A Moral And Religious People

 ... It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. - John Adams, 1798.

Of course, he was white, so take that with a grain of salt.

Last night, Philly suffered widespread looting, organized by the Black Lives Matter crew, who are indistinguishable from Team Faculty Lounge. Here's just a taste.

I chose that video out of dozens of others because it illustrates the problem of the cops in a society where Team Faculty Lounge has had a decade or more to preach white supremacy to the locals. This isn't looting for economic reasons, this is vengeance for perceived wrongs. Our education system has riled up a whole generation to fight systemic racism fantasies and now you have this - platoons and more of infantry looting stores which are protected by less than a squad. That can't possibly work, particularly when the smaller force has such restrictive rules of engagement.

Further, the looters are illiterate and innumerate, so it's doubtful they can comprehend the consequences of their actions. Finally, they've been taught that capitalism is evil, so they're performing an economic act of moral righteousness in addition to the racial one.

At this point, even the densest progressives on the corporate boards has to see that keeping stores open in blue cities is a bad idea. I don't feel sorry for the retailers at all. This is on them now.

Meanwhile, if we don't perform an exorcism on our universities, we deserve all of this, too.


Mostly Nothing said...

Target announced yesterday that they are closing 9 stores. The reason crime. They didn't even dance around the issue. They said, theft and safety of their customers and employees.

Closing in Harlem, 3 in SF, Portland, and Seattle.

They must not be in Philly or anywhere near BLM enclaves.

tim eisele said...

"Meanwhile, if we don't perform an exorcism on our universities,"

I think you may have the cause-and-effect backwards. You seem to be under the impression that the "liberals" somehow pushed the "conservatives" out of the universities and took over.

As far as I can see, it was the other way around. The "conservatives" didn't get pushed out, they left. Particularly in the scientific and technical fields, they left because they could get paid more working for for-profit businesses than at the universities. Professors get paid OK (although at the low end of what people in industry get), but the career path leading to becoming a professor (grad school, a couple of low-paying post-doc jobs, and then a long shot at actually getting a tenure-track position) is hard work and not particularly remunerative.

So now, the universities are largely staffed by people who are doing it for some reason other than the money. And if you somehow "exorcised" them, there would be too few people worth having who would be willing to take the pay cut to take their place.

Mostly Nothing said...

That's an interesting take Tim. And it is probably true to a certain extent.

But it also isn't that simple. It is not true that liberals have predominately taken over higher learning at least in the US? There are stories that surface occasionally of the intolerance of the left silencing/intimidating professors that lean to the right. The free exchange of ideas is no longer a hallmark of many universities. My other son's University is in the news (last year) for that.

MTU, I see, as less affected than other schools. As beautiful as it is up there many miles down the road past the middle of no where; it's probably not going to be the destination for too many social justice warriors.

I remember when my son was there, there was a controversy over a supposed racist remark. It turns out the student, while used little/no common sense in what he sent out on twitter or whatever, was setup by another student. Then that horrible vice-dean, provost, VP, whatever he was; went on the war path to cancel the first kid. He organized protests etc. When the truth came out, they doubled down on the expulsion and protected the kid that doctored the picture.

Predictably, the kid sued the school and won, reversing the expulsion. I don't remember if the school had to pay him anything. Then when the President was set to retire, he stated right up front that he wouldn't retire if the VP was going to get the President job. That guy left shortly there after.

Ilíon said...

We can *always* count on Tim E. to shill for the leftists and to distort reality.

Hell! Even liberals -- when that word is used correctly - are pushed out and demonized by the leftists.

Ilíon said...

Somewhat off topic, and yet, not really --

No matter how old you are, if your parents divorce, you eventually end up being orphaned twice! And the first orphaning feels like surviving a loved one's suicide.

tim eisele said...

And we can always count on Ilion to post a content-free non-sequitur intended as an insult.

Pointing out that the "conservatives" have been making a strategic blunder for the last 100 years or so, and that they now lack both the will and the ability to do anything about it because they handed their opponents the opportunity to get entrenched, is hardly "shilling for the leftists".

Ilíon said...

OP: "Meanwhile, if we don't perform an exorcism on our universities, we deserve all of this, too."

Leftist Shilling: "I think you may have the cause-and-effect backwards. You seem to be under the impression that the "liberals" somehow pushed the "conservatives" out of the universities and took over."

Fact-Check: False misrepresentation of reality and history. Shilling, in fact.

One is left wondering, why does Tim E. think that an accurate assessment of his habitual behavior is insulting? If he is ashamed of his continual behavior, couldn't he just stop doing it?

Ilíon said...

As a university student in the late 1970s, I myself personally experienced the leftist/atheistic "pushing out" of conservatives and Christians.