Saturday, September 10, 2022

Watermelon Wine

I pureed my watermelon yesterday. I then added sugar and yeast and then put it in the fermentation bucket. With six melons, I was able to make two gallons. The mix started fermenting almost immediately as it's just flavored sugar water with yeast. It should be ready for bottling in about two weeks.


tim eisele said...

Well, it looks OK. To be honest, I'd probably like it better as a straight drink before fermenting, than as a "wine" afterwards.

I've always felt that "wines" where you have to add extra sugar are kind of missing the point of the whole exercise, though. I mean, if I want to get drunk, and I already have sugar and yeast (and maybe a bit of molasses), I can make "Jungle Juice" directly and don't have to fool around with watermelons or dandelions or whatever other flavoring agent is proposed.

I knew a guy in college who just fermented his sugar/molasses/yeast/water without any fooling around with flavorings. The molasses was mainly added as a yeast nutrient, any flavor from it was incidental. What he got didn't taste any worse than any other alcoholic beverage I've tried, and was better than a lot of them.

Ilíon said...

==... as it's just flavored sugar water ...==


I have a couple of smallish watermelons out in the garden. I wonder if watermellon jelly would be worht the effort.

Ilíon said...

Speaking of jelly, while I haven't tried it yet, I have been considering trying to make some jelly from tea. What do you think? Would that be too outside expectations?

Ilíon said...

My attempt at making melon jelly/jam didn't jell.