Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Admiral Scheer Was A Pedophile

Let me see if I can connect these dots.

The Admiral Scheer was a German pocket battleship in WW II. It was a commerce raider, designed to prey upon transatlantic convoys. It had one particularly successful encounter, described in detail here.

The Admiral Scheer.

(Convoy) HX84 departs on 28th October with two Canadian destroyers as escorts and one auxiliary cruiser, the HMS Jervis Bay. The weather is typically unpleasant for that time of year, but nevertheless the convoy presses on across the rains and big waves of the North Atlantic.

After one day, both the destroyers make their way back to Halifax, leaving the ships of HX84 under the protection of Jervis Bay. But she isn’t a warship: an auxiliary cruiser was an ocean liner with guns bolted to her decks...

After a week at sea, in amongst November’s darkening nights and cold seas, the convoy is spotted by the German heavy cruiser, Admiral Scheer. This ship is well armoured, has a basic radar for finding range, and six 11” guns. Her class has been designed as commerce raiders and she’s exactly what the British fear: convoys are strong against submarines, but are effectively lambs to the slaughter where surface raiders are involved...

After tense minutes, the captain of the Jervis Bay orders them to fire. They are hopelessly outclassed; some shots land near the Admiral Scheer but after a handful of salvos, the bridge of the Jervis Bay is hit. She is ablaze from stem to stern, mauled by those 11” guns, and sinking fast...

The Admiral Scheer sank the SS Maidan, then set the tanker San Demetrio ablaze. She turned, sank SS Trewllard in short order, and started firing at SS Kenbane Head. For convoys this was the nightmare scenario : they might avoid the lone U-boats of the period, but once a commerce raiders was amongst them, they were doomed.

Beaverford’s captain was Hugh Pettigrew, a 60 year old Scot who had been a merchant seaman for most of his life, although seeing service in the Great War. Seeing the Kenbane Head come under fire, he realised the game was up. He ordered his crew to come about, and fire her 3” bow pea shooter at the Admiral Scheer, as the late Autumnal darkness fell about them.

The first shot landed surprisingly close to the German panzerschiff. By this time, Kenbane Head was sinking, and the Admiral Scheer turned its sights onto Beaverford. She fired star shells to light up the target, and Captain Pettigrew ordered a turn, to bring the stern 4” gun into play. He signalled the rest of the convoy:

“It is our turn now. So long. The captain and crew of SS Beaverford”.

The Pedophile

Earlier this week, video surfaced of a teacher in an Ontario, Canada public school who is clearly a massive pervert. He used to dress as a normal man, but now he wears a wig, short shorts and grotesque,  massive, fake breasts. He is not a woman nor is he pretending to be. He is a degenerate fetishist.

From Matt Walsh's show:

Tucker did a better summary of it, but there it is.

If you see the children as the convoy and the pervert as the Admiral Scheer, you quickly come to discover that there are indeed, no escorts.

The school system and the school board have sided with the pervert.

There's a future blog post here wherein we ponder why no fathers have come in to rough up this creep. He is engaging in a sexual fetish with the kids as passive participants.

What happens when you try to suppress masculinity? One consequence seems to be the absence of fathers protecting their children from perverts. All this time, I've been waiting for one of these predators to get thrashed by a dad or a group of dads, but it never happens.

The escorts aren't coming to save the convoy because there aren't any around.

I suspect that had this happened in a predominantly Muslim community, things would be different.

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