Monday, September 12, 2022

How Do You Convert Money Into Electricity?

 Europe is in the middle of a power supply crisis of their own making. They don't have enough of anything - gas, electricity, oil, etc. Because of this, prices are blowing up.

The Europeans have discovered the answer! They will print money and hand it out to the people straining under the increased costs. Genius!

European nations are scrambling to backstop consumers from having to pay electricity rates that could increase tenfold or more—if the electricity is available in sufficient quantity at all. What this means is massive government bailouts for energy suppliers. Britain’s new prime minister Liz Truss plans to freeze consumer energy costs for two years, at a likely cost to the government of perhaps $200 billion, because utilities face bankruptcy if they can’t pass along higher fuel costs. The bill for continental Europe, and especially Germany, which may have to shutter even more of its heavy industry, is sure to be much higher—perhaps reaching $2 trillion over the coming year.

Um, one question. How does handing out all this money generate more electricity or produce more natural gas? If we print a grazillion dollars and hand it out to everyone, will we all be able to buy Ferraris?

Honestly, these people have no idea how anything works.

Jackson Revisited

I did a little more digging around the Jackson, Mississippi high schools. If you recall, Jackson ran out of water because their systems broke down and they couldn't repair them. My assertion was that their human capital is rubbish and they simply can't find enough competent people to maintain the things left behind by their ancestors. Traditional families are the foundational elements of civilization and if you don't have those, eventually this sort of thing is bound to happen. You don't get the benefits of civilization without them.

In that blog post, I noted that the kids coming out of Wingfield High School are effectively illiterate.

Wingfield HS

Wingfield is all black. Here are the test scores for Pearl High School, which is roughly half white and half black.

The score is 46-7.

The superintendent of schools is Dr. Errick L. Greene. He's black. 5 of the 7 school board members are black. One presumes they've seen the test scores.

As I've ranted before, none of this is about race. It cannot be. If the black students were suffering under white supremacy, it would have to come from somewhere in a system run by blacks. If racism was the problem, you'd expect them to do worse in a majority white school, not better.

If blacks were inferior, it wouldn't matter where they went to school, you'd see only 7% master the English test everywhere.

It can't be racial bias in school funding because the people distributing the money are all black.

I'll go one farther. Pearl is in a different. but nearby district. Maybe they have more money? Nope. Pearl spends $9200 per student. Jackson spends $10,900 per student.

Just like the Europeans rediscovering electricity the hard way, we're rediscovering traditional families the hard way.

This is the worst class of Elites ever.


tim eisele said...

I don't know for sure what is happening in Jackson, but it looks pretty similar to what is happening here. Michigan has as School Choice program, where parents can choose which school to send their kids to, even if they don't live in that school district. And one of our local schools is rated as being a better school than the surrounding schools. Which means that the parents who care about their kids' educations, obviously choose to send them to the best available school.

Which means that the kids that remain in the not-so-good schools, are the ones whose parents aren't particularly concerned about their kids' educations. So all those schools have left are kids who don't care, don't want to be there, and are often bullies and/or troublemakers. And those schools get rated even lower as a result, so even more parents move their kids to the better school. Lather, rinse, repeat, and suddenly you have one or two good schools completely surrounded by terrible ones.

I am not sure how a school comes back from this sort of thing. Most likely they don't.

K T Cat said...

Tim, that's the non-racial version of what is happening all over the place. Sadly, our political class is focused on, well, politics. The reds blame the teachers unions and the blues blame the lack of funding. Unfortunately, the ones who could blow the whistle on the whole thing, the teachers, aren't organizing and yelling.

It's not about race and it's not about politics.

Ilíon said...

==It's not about race and it's not about politics.==

Everything is about politics, just as everything is about religion, because both politics and religion are just different ways of approaching the questions of how we may live together: what we *owe* one another, what me may demand of one another, what we may *compel* of one another.

And, due to the current obsessions of the American left/Democrats, everything *seems* to be about 'race'.

Mostly Nothing said...

Here is Minnesota the teachers are organized and yelling. At least in the cities - Twin Cities, Rochester, St Cloud, and Duluth.
They yell against private schools, they yell against parents interfering with their indoctrination, er, teaching of the kids. And they are 100% in bed with the blues.