Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Arm The Transmen!

I saw this article about putting more guns in our schools, which was greeted with applause on the right. I wondered if anyone was thinking about the direction this is going.

LOVELAND — The Thompson School District Board of Education on Wednesday approved a plan that officials say will allow them more flexibility in arming school staff, while keeping down the cost to the district.

Thompson School District covers Loveland and Berthoud in Northern Colorado.

A resolution creating the new School Security Officer (SSO) position in the district will allow employees who volunteer to go through extensive training to carry a concealed handgun as an expansion of their current duties for the district.

We didn't used to have armed guards in our schools. I remember going to grade school in Oklahoma and the nuns weren't packing heat. Even the PE coach didn't carry.

Maybe this isn't the success we think it is. It sure looks to me like another example of civilizational collapse. When even your children need infantry support, you're going in the wrong direction.

Bonus tidbit: We didn't user to have to protect our children from mutilation and poisoning by our medical establishment, either. This is all very dystopian. Maybe we should be giving guns to our children so they can defend themselves from their doctors.

We anticipated living like the Jetsons, but the Jetsons had a traditional, married family.


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tim eisele said...

"We anticipated living like the Jetsons, but the Jetsons had a traditional, married family"

George Jetson also only worked three hours a day, three days a week, as a "Digital Index Presser" (button pusher) for a whopping 9-hour work week. And this nevertheless paid enough to support a family of 4 (plus a dog and a robot) along with a nice house and a small spaceship.