Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Canadian Freedom Convoy Is A Total Waste Of Time

A large group of Canadian truckers are, even now, descending on Ottawa to protest all of the Wuhan Flu restrictions placed on them and their fellow Canadians by the super-smart laptop users in their national capital. It's a phenomenally stupid waste of time.

Like almost every other country, Canada has suffered through two years of WuFlu lockdowns. Their supply chain is in just as much distress as ours. Their industries have taken a huge hit and they've incurred serious debt and more than enough unemployment. Only a complete idiot would think that shutting down their roads so a massive convoy of big rigs could drive across the country to slam into Ottawa's traffic and shut down the capital was a good idea.

And yet, that's exactly what the laptop-users encouraged. They cannot comprehend that all the toys they buy online and the nummy-nums at their grocery stores are made by people doing real, physical tasks. They don't understand that truckers bring them their goodies and noms. They think that it all comes from them passing this or that bill or signing some executive order which causes the money printer to go, "BRRRRR."

Truckers go home and put on your masks! Money printer will go brrrrr!

After two years of lockdowns, anyone with half a brain in their heads would have bent over backwards to make things easier on the ignorant trolls who make the stuff and ship it around the country. All they had to do was lift the restrictions and then head out for French-Thai fusion entrees at their local four-star restaurant. An ape could have figured that out.

Well, apes appear to be in short supply in Ottawa, so instead, they've got a huge mess on their hands. In the end, they'll have to give in to the truckers demands for freedom anyway. Reality will have it's one, deciding vote and the empty shelves and hopelessly gridlocked capital will trump all of their talk shows and social media posts.

Canada's progressive leadership, headed by their airhead PM, Justin Trudeau, have to be run over by a convoy of big rigs before they figure out that giving the peasants some freedom is what allows them to enjoy their unearned sense of superiority over the Normals.

What a waste of time.

We've Seen This Movie Before

Here in the States, deep blue, racial-justice-practicing city governments are starting to understand that they really needed all those cops they chased away. In a similar vein, the Canadian Elites will figure out that without trucks and functioning roads, their Foie Gras Pad Thai can't be made because the goose livers are out in the boondocks in some place called Nova Scotia and their noodles are stuck in Alberta.

As I watch our blue cities fall apart, it all seems so predictable. If you rage against the police, handicap them with ever-stricter rules and allow criminals free reign, cops are going to quit. Either they'll quit by retirement and resignation or they will quit by not enforcing the law.

If the law isn't enforced and most of your population was raised in homes without fathers, you're going to see an increase in violence.

If you see an increase in violence, peaceful, productive people will leave.

If peaceful, productive people leave, you lose tax revenue.

If you lose tax revenue, your public property decays and services have to be cut.

None of these require leaps of faith. They are all natural consequences. My conclusion is that the Elites have no idea how anything works any more. The more time you spend in top-notch universities, the less you know about reality.


ligneus said...

"My conclusion is that the Elites have no idea how anything works any more."

George Orwell figured that out, right?

K T Cat said...

In a comment in today's post, ligneus pointed out that this one was a bit murky. Here's my reply, trying to make this one clearer.


ligneus, yesterday's post was pretty unclear and I knew it when I wrote it.

My point then was that opposing it was a waste of time from the government's point of view. The government's primary and perhaps sole purpose right now should be getting the economy functioning normally ASAP. If doing that means ditching all the mandates, then they should do it immediately.

Fighting the truckers is the waste of time. The fact that the truckers had to stop their useful work and drive to freaking Ottawa to get the tyrants to back off is the waste of time.