Wednesday, January 05, 2022

We Got An "A" For Effort

 ... but it looks like we might as well just ditch all of our precautions and go back to normal life.

As far as I can tell, the Omnicorn variant is unfazed by masks and is blowing right through any amount of vaccinations. It's crazy contagious and everyone looks to be getting the same severity of symptoms  CORRECTION: They are not getting the same severity of symptoms. Dig this thread. Key tweet:

The normal X-rays and the near normal ones belong to younger patients and vaccinated patients of all ages. There are vanishingly few pediatric cases with pneumonias.

The horrible pneumonias are seen in the unvaccinated, the immunosuppressed, and some elderly patients.

That suggests the jig is up and it's time to get back to normal lives. Get the vaccine unless you've had the WuFlu already. Other than that, it's still time to get back to our normal lives.

On the plus side, Omnicorn also seems to give much stronger immunity than the vaccines. That's a good thing.

I don't know, maybe the folks who are seriously at risk with comorbidities ought to just hide under their beds for a few weeks while it all blows over. I'm not snarking there, it really looks like the best plan to me. The unvaccinated can cope.

Of course, we could always go the other way and use attack dogs and police batons on people who want to get back to their normal lives. That might work, too.

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Ohioan@Heart said...

I still give our "leaders" an 'F' (as in F'ed up). Let's see some of the most recent things that have happened here in SD...

Our Goober has extended his worthless mask mandate (originally from Dec 15 - Jan 15) to now expire on Feb 15 - can you say, 2 months to stop the spread???

San Diego State University has decided to switch from in-person classes to on-line. Even after a ton of the 18-22 year old students went out and got the 3rd jab. Oh they've said the on-line classes will be for "2 weeks" - can you say, two weeks to stop the spread???

San Diego Unified School District has cancelled 'out of season school sports, except when they are on campus and between the bells'. But only for a month. Riiight. Omicron only spreads outside of the school, and outside of school hours, and not during in-season sporting activities. Say it with me: 'A month to stop the spread.'

Dr Fauci and other frauds are now saying that there is a difference between getting admitted to a hospital "with CoViD" and "because of CoViD" (see the last ~2 minutes starting at about 10:15 in this: ). Thank you Dr Obvious. None of us had ever thought you might be reporting the data the way you were in order to fear monger. Clearly it was just too subtle a point for a man of your massive intellect.

The reported number of positive cases per day in San Diego County have gone (approximate numbers) from 400/day before Thanksgiving to a high of 750/day after about 10 days, started dropping and then shot up from ~600 at Christmas to ~8,000 (and climbing) today. That's not how Delta spreads. But the county health 'experts' are still reporting only about 35% Omicron with 65% Delta. Give me a freaking break. If your data are that F'ed up, stop releasing them.

Seriously, if this isn't an 'F' grade what is?