Sunday, January 02, 2022

I Hate Science

 ... because it's impossible to predict.

A year ago, ScIeNCe told me that I needed to wear a mask. Now it says I don't.

"At this stage of the pandemic" is doing a whole lot of work in that sentence. It's replacing the words, "We have been lying to you all along."

On Twitter, I posited that not only does the virus mutate, but it also becomes a better driver. "At this stage" refers to the fact, established by ScIenCE, that the virus can now steer its little virion vehicle around your mask and sneak in through the freaking massive gaps in it. Before, all it could do was go forward and backward and turn only a very little amount. At this stage in the pandemic, it's a regular Hollywood stunt driver.

Only a True Believer or a journalist desperately trying to prop up all of the corrupt and degenerate institutions who've been Gramscian trampled by the Left would fall for this.


Yes, they did. And that record was 344 in one day. Which works out to 7 per state. That's 14 per state if you kick out the smallest 25 states where no one but worthless, mouth-breathing deplorables live.

Just out of curiosity, I went hunting for the average number of daily pediatric admissions in the US. I didn't find it, but I found something that caused me to stop my search. It was this paper on hospital stays for children from 2012. I admit that it's filled with racism, but what isn't these days? You'll have to look past the systemic white supremacy when you read it. Here's a snippet in case you don't want to support hate.

In 2012 there were nearly 5.9 million hospital stays for children in the United States.

5.9 million divided by 365 works out to 16,164 pediatric admissions per day. Assuming that's representative for the current decade, we can say that on the day when 344 children were stricken with the Wuhan Sniffles, the admission count went from 16,164 to 16,508.

The headline in the AP news story linked above reads, "US children hospitalized with COVID in record numbers." The AP's job, apparently, is not to inform, but to frighten. Also, you should vote for Democrats. They will save you from the Scary Things.


Finally, I thought this was awesome. Enjoy.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Just a couple of quick points (and the last is the most important!)...

First, most of the pediatric admissions were associated with birth (i.e., newborns) the remaining ~5,100/day were those admitted with some other condition. So, the 344 should (presumably) be add to that not the full 16,000+. But...

Second, most Omicron admissions have been "incidental" (see, for ex: That is, someone is admitted, for some non-CoViD reason, and the blanket CoViD tests they give everybody come up positive. The rate, as of Dec 28 or so in UK, was something like 1 CoViD admission for every 4 general admission that tests positive. This suggests the 344 needs to be reduced to more like 50 (or 1 true CoViD pediatric admission for every 100 pediatric admissions). That's not great, but it is about twice as good as the 350/16,000 you calculated.

Third, so far (in South Africa and parts of Europe) Omicron has shown itself to basically eliminate the far more deadly Delta variant, at least partially because while a Delta infection gives little if any protection to Omicron infection, Omicron infection does give significant protection against a subsequent Delta infection (see:

Lastly, and by far the most important thing is that Omicron is NOT, as I see it, truly a SARS virus. I claim this because of what has been shown in a study from South Africa (see: Recall that SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It is called this because the SARS CoViD-19 virus does most of it's infection in the alveoli of the lungs (the microscopic sacs where the air and blood interact in the lungs). When this is the site of the infection there is commonly an immune response that causes fluid to accumulate in the alveoli, and this makes breathing difficult and often leads to death. According to the study, the Omicron variant does NOT infect the lungs in the alveoli, but rather infects farther up in the Bronchial tubes (like colds). This does not produce the severe acute respiratory syndrome. Hence Omicron is not a 'SARS' virus. Its symptoms are much more like a standard cold, even though it isn't a mutated cold virus (apparently). But it is well on the way to becoming what will be simply an endemic cold-like virus.

Anyways, I can't agree with your title. I love science. I hate the media.

Mostly Nothing said...

A few things about "kids". They are gross little walking petri dishes; incubating all sorts of evil virus and bacteria. And those weapons of mass distruction are controlled by evil people called "parents", who have been proven in the last 24 or so months will do anything not to have to be around them for 8-12 hours a day. Paying money to small private schools (which are barely making it) to tend these creatures. Then more money to get these out of the house to collect and spread diseases in other social gathering spaces.

The CDC caved public pressure to lower the quarantine time to 5 days, even though the viral load is contagious for longer.

There are some disease spreaders that are being held out of school this week so they do not get infected before going on a Disney cruise (aka a chicken pox party from the 60s on steroids). The "parents" however, have no plans for post-cruise quarantine. The hope is that a home test will be administered before returning.

Disclaimer: My wife is a front line petri dish wrangler at a small private school. For 5 more months.

Mostly Nothing said...

The 12/29 episode of the Garage Logic podcast is a rebroadcast of 2 interviews of Dr Mike Osterholm, epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, and an actual scientist not a bureaucrat. They are from Feb 4, 2020 and sometime in November 2020.

Very interesting stuff. Can be found Or spotify, or apple or where ever.

As to the pixie dust and anti-science. I don't remember it, so looked it up: