Friday, January 07, 2022

On TikTok, Fetishes And Grilling Steak

In a comment replying to Ohioan on yesterday's post, I left a link to this Matt Walsh video where he has fun with bisexual, pansexual, asexual and other fetish-themed TikTok videos.

The thing that always strikes me about these TikTok videos is the attitude of the subject. I can't put my finger on the right word for it. Is it giddy? Smug? Superior? All of the above? In any case, there's always always a weird smile and the face is close to the camera which comes across as a dominance behavior.

Today, I finally hit on what is bothering me. You'd never act this way if you were talking to someone about anything real. Imagine discussing the proper way to grill a steak with a friend and getting right up in their face with a smug, creepy smile and making your point that nothing beats a Weber charcoal grill.

Or maybe you'd half-close your eyes and gloat in a condescending, scornful manner about using a coffee rub instead of a simple salt, pepper and garlic powder one.


My take: Charcoal is the best even though we don't own a Weber right now. Propane grills don't get hot enough and the fire in a pellet smoker is unevenly distributed. 

I like coffee rubs and the salt-pepper-garlic one, too, but sometimes it's fun to play around sometimes and go with paprika, poultry seasoning, cayenne and more.


tim eisele said...

"The thing that always strikes me about these TikTok videos . . ."

OK, so I figured that TikTok was just another social media fad for things I don't care about, and so I didn't pay much attention to it. But you apparently watch it, so, what the heck is it even for?

As near as I can tell from a cursory look, I gather that TikTok is short-form videos (are they really limited to 15 seconds?) that people dash off as selfies on their cell phones. Which sounds like the same niche as Twitter, but without needing to be able to read or to write coherently. So, Twitter for illiterates?

Is that it, or does it have some other purpose?

Mostly Nothing said...

My son got a charcoal grill, with a sidebox out in Idaho. We went out for Thanksgiving and we smoked the turkey. It was very good. When we get to the new house, a charcoal grill might be in the cards.

I recently got back on twitter. Just lurking for Sports. I am not posting. I follow a little bit of peripheral twin cities politics. It's not getting better.

Oh, KT, Kendall Qualls has stepped down from "Take Charge Minnesota". He's about to run for Governor. Could this be the first elected State official I vote for to be elected in the 21st Century? The Republican canidate race is going to be packed. I expect the Democrats will have a few people running against Walz as well.