Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Transitioning In Circles

 ... while demanding the rest of us compliment you on how far you've come.

The most recent Daily Wire Backstage podcast featured an interesting discussion of sexual roles and the gender / trans craze. 

As a society, we've done our best to blur the lines between men and women to the point that it's gauche to suggest that there are performance or behavioral expectations on a person because of their sex.

We've also made it hip to identify as all kinds of genders - asexual, pansexual, bisexual, trans and so forth. Not only that, but your gender identity makes a claim on the rest of us. You may look like a lumberjack, but if you tell us you identify as a woman, we have to call you Sarah and use the pronouns she/her.

Current Jeopardy! champ, Tom Schneider, says he's a chick. He doesn't look or act like one, but we're all expected to play along. If we don't, we're bigots.

Think about what this means. If some woman says she identifies as a man, she won't be expected to do anything at all. She won't have to be brave, be stoic, have a career, support a family or have ambitions. There's no cost to her to run around telling us her name is Luke and she's a dude. The cost is all on us as we now have to call her by her new name and use her pronouns. She will also get plenty of praise and support. It's all upside.

Because there are no fixed sex roles any more, all of these new terms essentially mean nothing except that if you take one as your own, you're a big, fat hassle for the rest of us. You become a walking landmine of offense and triggering in exchange for ... nothing.

If there are no accepted gender roles, you haven't really gone anywhere in your quest to be your authentic self.

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