Friday, January 28, 2022

How About A Synod On Sanity?

The world is going insane. James Tubbs is a sexual predator. He now claims to be Hannah Tubbs. Because of that ... well, you can read it here:

Prosecutors say Tubbs walked into the bathroom of a Denny’s in 2014 and grabbed the 10-year-old by the throat, locked her in a stall, and put her (sic) hand down the girl’s pants. Tubbs stopped when another person walked into the restroom, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Because Tubbs began identifying as female after she (sic) was taken into custody, and Gascon refused to try her as an adult, Tubbs was sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility.  In L.A. County, juvenile facilities can house both females and males, but in separate areas. Tubbs will be housed with the females

Emphasis mine.

This is what James, err, Hannah looks like these days.

It must have been a bad hair day. She's clearly not looking her best.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is living up to its reputation for being a trifle backwards by pretending it's still 1960. Pope Francis has organized a Synod on Synodality where, as I understand it, we're going to listen to people kvetch. Here in San Diego, we were told that special attention would be given to "marginalized" communities.

At the parish meeting where this was announced, I very nearly blurted out, "Will Catholics be allowed to speak?" simply out of reflex. Where I work, where our kids went to school and in the culture all around us, Catholics are the marginalized community. Our Diocese, no doubt planning a bus trip to Mississippi so our adherents of Modern Nazi Race Theory racial justice crew can fight to integrate the lunch counters there, has no idea what it's like to be a Catholic in the year 2022.

Just wait until they find out about that Uber for porn, OnlyFans and how our daughters are being told it's just fine to become online prostitutes.

I figure they'll hear about it in 25 years or so.

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IlĂ­on said...

The Catholic-in-the-pew may be "a trifle backwards by pretending [or thinking that] it's still 1960", but the *bureaucrats who run/control The One True Bureaucracy assuredly are not.