Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Creepiest Thing About Gators

 ... is their eyes. Those vertical slits are just weird.

We had a great time on our swamp tour yesterday. I've got a ton of pictures from that as well as plenty from the subsequent drive to Cocodrie. Hurricane Ida went right up the road from Cocodrie to Houma and blasted everything to bits along the way. The place is a mess, but the people are resilient and are starting to rebuild.

Still, it's a far cry from the beautiful places I saw when I visited it a few years ago. More on that, perhaps, in a future post. Today is all about the LSU-Auburn game. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

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Ohioan@Heart said...

Hope it is a good game for you!

It has already been a good Saturday: Buckeyes win big, Spartans win easy, and Notre Dame loses at home. If only that school from up north had also lost it would have gone from a good Saturday to a great one.