Friday, October 29, 2021

A Wet Dragonfly

 Last weekend, I took the Catican Guards for their weekend party. That's my name for an off-the-leash romp around a couple of office and industrial parks in Poway. There are no cars, no people and plenty of open space for them to play. It's all good fun.

It had rained the night before and I came across this little fellow, sitting on the wet pavement. The colors aren't striking, but I liked the way the water beaded on his body. I left the image large, so it might be worth a click. Enjoy!

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tim eisele said...

You can tell from the way the water beads up that dragonflies are pretty water-repellent. All it would take would be a shake of the wings and a quick zoom through the air, and voila! All dry!

Considering that dragonflies have aquatic nymphs and continue to hang around water when they are adults, the ability to dry off quickly is probably pretty important.