Monday, October 04, 2021


 ... Oyster House was disappointing.

After wife kitteh and I had their chargrilled oysters a few years back, I've been talking them up something fierce. Son kitteh and I went yesterday and ... meh. Too salty, way too much Parmesan. I still like oysters served this way, but if you want something done right, you need to learn to do it yourself. Which I have and mine turn out pretty good.

On the plus side, they looked great.

We're heading back to San Diego today after having cheered both the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints on to last-minute defeats. Go ... team?

Dire News Of The Day

Dig this.

Dozens of cargo ships anchored off the coasts of Los Angeles and New York face shocking wait times of up to four weeks and railyards and trucking routes are hopelessly clogged due to the lack of manpower to unload goods - with an expert warning that the government needs to intervene or face spiraling inflation and unemployment.

The backlog of billions of dollars of toys, clothing, electronics, vehicles, and furniture comes as the demand for consumer goods hit its highest point in history as consumers stay home instead of spending money on travel and entertainment.

Supply chains have lagged far behind consumer demand due to a lack of manpower at American ports and the restrictions that came with the COVID-19 outbreak early last year. These constraints, which include social distancing and mandatory quarantines, have severely limited the number and ability of port workers to do their jobs.

The solution, of course, is to print more money and hand it out to ... someone.

Maybe lockdowns weren't such a good idea.

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Ilíon said...

Maybe some of those ships lurking off NY/NJ ought to consider slipping on down to some ports in GA or FL.