Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rachel Levine Is A Good Start

So Richard Leland Levine is now a 4-star admiral and the head of the US Public Health Service. He's also a complete lunatic, a man who thinks he's a woman and wants us to call him Rachel.

I mean seriously, dude. If that's a woman, I'm a marmot.

Adorable rodents aside, it says a lot about us that we've got someone with a raging mental illness running our Public Health Service. If you've seen full-body photos of the guy, you can see he's overweight, too. That means there's a delusional fat guy advising the president on health matters. The only way to follow this up would be to ...

Nominate someone who thinks he's Napoleon to be our ambassador to France.

Imagine how this would go over in France. They'd love it as much as my military officer friends love the idea that a complete nutcase just got 4 stars for being a complete nutcase.

All I can close with is this gem from Aerosmith. Enjoy.

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