Friday, October 22, 2021

Political Oysters

I'm throwing a stag party on Saturday night for a bunch of guys from the recent men's retreat weekend. I ordered shrimp and oysters from Billy's Seafood in Bon Secour, Alabama and received them yesterday. I rarely have access to shucked oysters, so my oyster-frying skills are rudimentary. It made sense to experiment with some, so last night we did just that.

So far, the winner is a simple seasoned flour dredge and then deep fried at 350 degrees for 2 minutes. We tried the seasoned flour - egg wash - panko routine you use when you want a thick crust on chicken, but it was too thick for the oysters and overwhelmed their squishy goodness.

I've got a few more recipes to try tonight and I'll post my favorite here.

The best oysters in the world come from the Deep South. So delicious!

Politics And Families

I've asserted elsewhere on this blog that the nation is too divided because the government is too large. The government is controlled through politics and politics is controlled by argument and argument is divisive. QED. 

If we had a much smaller government, I wouldn't care all that much how you voted. Bernie or Trump, it wouldn't matter to me. Last night, wife kitteh, still a Chicago Democrat and a consumer of CNN and NPR, talked about wearing masks at her volunteer job at a school for poor kids. I made my usual noises about how stupid masks were, but thinking about it this morning, I decided that was a poor choice.

Who cares if she agrees with me about masks and booster shots? What matters is that she feels unsafe. She is also concerned for the children. Me whipping out Ben Shapiroish data points about how it's unwise to vaccinate kids against the Wuhan Flu and showing the problems with masks using engineering diagrams doesn't address her primary concern - safety. Further, California is as one-party a state as you're going to find. Neither of our votes mean a thing.

Choosing political arguments over love is all cost and no benefit.


tim eisele said...

Good luck with the oysters. Sometimes, the simplest preparation is, if not the best, at least reliably pretty darned good. Like the way I like venison: slice thinly, and fry with some thin-sliced fresh ginger and a little salt. Nothing fancy, but there are never any leftovers, either.

Philosophically, I figure that if you are eating a food where getting it is something of an occasion, you should be primarily tasting that food, not layers of stuff added onto it.

And on your other point:
"Choosing political arguments over love is all cost and no benefit." Yes. Exactly.

Anonymous said...

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IlĂ­on said...

What you're *really* saying is:

"Choosing [truth] over love is all cost and no benefit."

And such moral cowardice exactly how we got where we are today.