Thursday, October 21, 2021

Everyone Living In The Gutter Is Equal

Two associate professors from respectable universities recently hosted a webinar entitled Toward Dismantling Family Privilege and White Supremacy in Family Science. Here's part of their description of the thing.

Family Science has long studied non-traditional families. The discipline still struggles with family inequality, though, in how it privileges certain types of families over others. Like White privilege, family privilege is an unacknowledged and unearned benefit instantiated in U.S. laws, policies, and practices and bestowed upon traditional or "standard" nuclear families to the disadvantage of non-traditional configured family systems (e.g., sole-parent families, unmarried committed partners rearing children together, grandparents raising grandchildren). Family privilege is defined as the benefits, often invisible and unacknowledged, that one receives by belonging to family systems long upheld in society as superior to all others. It serves to advantage certain family forms over others and is typically bestowed upon White, traditional nuclear families.

I found it fascinating. They're only kinda sorta denying the superiority of the traditional family. Instead of attacking it head-on, it looks like they're characterizing it as a kind of oppression against those from "alternative" families. The claim seems to be that policies and the culture gives advantages to the traditional family and that's why it works so well.

Instead of trying to increase the number of traditional families, they're trying to level the playing field for inferior families. We've been trying to do that with social programs for decades now and the result can be seen in Baltimore, Chicago, Yazoo City and on and on and on.

This is more evidence that the goal of the progressives is not happiness and success, but the elimination of all rules. We can either help more people lift up themselves and their families by encouraging wholesome behaviors or we can accept degeneracy and find ways to improve the lives of the degenerates.

I dunno, man. It didn't work in my family.

If we all work together, the children conceived under these conditions will do just as well as those raised in the unearned privilege of white-supremacist, traditional families.

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