Wednesday, May 06, 2020

You Really Are A Peasant

Chris Cuomo, CNN hairhat, contracted the Chicom Flu and then drove around, visiting people. All the while, he lectured the rest of us on the necessity of staying home.

Lori "Daily Double" Lightfoot, the black, lesbian mayor of Chicago, has been threatening the proles she has the misfortune to rule with all manner of punishments if they don't stay home. She herself got a haircut from her stylist.

And the beat goes on. So what? All of the Elites lecturing us while living it up themselves have shown themselves impervious to accusations of hypocrisy. It doesn't even slow them down. Why would it? After all, they are the highest moral authority they know.

I've never thought of the real ramifications of Barack Obama saying that "sin is being out of alignment with my values" until now. Lori and Chris are from that same school. Hypocrisy only stings when the accused has a shred of shame or meekness. This new breed of ruler has neither. Where is it going to come from, themselves? Ha!

You really are a peasant. You are beneath them, they're just sure of it. They checked their Supreme Moral Authority, themselves, and decided that yes, they are high and noble people, far above you.

Oh well. In the meantime, we can still laugh at them. I find it hilarious to watch the sign-language folks who stand next to one of our Overlords and mime out God only knows what. The facial expression on Lori Lightfoot's chick had me in stitches. Check it out.

Addendum from yesterday: It occurred to me much later that there is a huge difference between Walter Duranty winning a Pulitzer for lying about the Soviet socialists murdering hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians with forced starvation and the NYT winning the Pulitzer for their recreation of a racially-adjusted version of Mein Kampf in the 1619 Project. The difference is that we can see what they're doing in real time. Everyone paying attention saw it.

Their ideological bubble must be made of steel-reinforced concrete and about 3' thick.

Update: I forgot to mention Neil Ferguson's booty call. Fortunately, Brendan O'Neill was on top of the situation. When I saw cuts of Ferguson being interviewed, I thought the guy was positively radioactive with superiority.
Ferguson’s booty call with his married lover actually reveals a great deal about the 21st-century elites and how they view their relationship with the masses. It’s one rule for them and another for us. They can carry on enjoying sneaky freedoms because their lives and jobs are important; we can’t because we are mere little people, whose silly work lives can casually be disrupted, whose love lives can be turned upside down, and whose families can be ripped apart.


Ohioan@Heart said...

I think that every now and again someone should have Garret Morris do the “interpretations”.

I do seriously wonder how those ASL translators keep a straight face sometimes. I know that every now and again I’d just breakdown laughing if I had to ‘repeat’ some of the inanities I hear.

ligneus said...

I might have lost two more from my very dwindling number of friends because I was critical of Gauci. I think I'm going to be a hermit from now on, can't stand any more of it.

Mostly Nothing said...

On the Political and Media rails of society. They certainly don't follow the same rules as the great unwashed normals.

All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others.