Thursday, May 07, 2020

Praying While People Drown

The video content in this tweet, is NSFW. It shows a massive brawl in a black neighborhood, chiefly between a couple of women. You've been warned.

When I came across that tweet, I wasn't surprised at the content, but I was surprised at the theme of the replies. The person who shared the video was black and was laughing at a young boy who was wielding a belt like a whip. At first, it's hard to tell whose side he's on, but after a few viewings, it looks like he has a side and is flogging his enemies. Meanwhile, punches are thrown, hair is pulled and, in the background, side-fights are occurring. It's wild.

How often do you see this in your neighborhood? How often does this happen to your family? Have you seen a lot of this in your life? How about all the progs at the universities and in the news media? Is this a familiar, laughable sight to them?

For me, it's people screaming as they drown. This is a neighborhood in crisis. It's a window into all those places where you lock your doors, roll up your windows and drive fast so you can get through them as quickly as possible. The residents don't get to escape like we can. They're busy drowning.

Meanwhile, the social justice crowd can't see them. They've got their eyes turned up to the sky as they admit their privilege to whatever power may or may not exist. They examine their consciences for microagressions, those times when they somehow contributed to the scourge of white supremacy that is keeping people of color in bondage.

"It's so freeing to admit my privilege!"
Movies, news shows, TV series, none of them show things like that video. It's all social justice all the time. While real people drown behind us, our eyes are uplifted to heaven.

Getting back to the Twitter replies, many of them laugh at the boy who they think looks like a plantation master whipping slaves. There is no self-awareness at all, it's all steeped in the modern zeitgeist of racial obsession. While the people replying, almost all of whom are black, talk about slavery, others will see things like this and make a note to not shop, dine or visit those neighborhoods. It's not like we were going to do it anyway, this is note number 83,429 in that series.

And so the poverty, illiteracy, illegitimacy and violence continue.

What if you loved these people as equals? What if we saw them as children of God, the same as us? What if they were our own children? I know that if my kids were involved in this, I wouldn't be sitting there telling them that white supremacy was to blame. I'd be reading them the riot act. When I was done, they wouldn't be laughing about it at all.

One more thing. This is in no way unique. A little searching revealed whole Twitter accounts devoted to showing raw videos like this. YouTube is full of them. That's the real world. The social justice movement lives in a fantasy world. It's possible because the social justice crowd, just like the rest of us, lock their doors, roll up their windows and drive fast when they encounter reality.

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