Monday, May 25, 2020

Ron DeSantis For President!

OK, I'm over it. I'm over the whole Trump tantrum thing. I'm done with having a 5-year-old as president. I can't tell you what put me over the edge, but the straw camel's back broke the dam past the tipping point. Or something like that.

I'm still going to vote for the Orange Infant, but I've hit my limit with his childishness.

Having said that, I think he was absolutely necessary for two reasons. The first was that he exposed our Aristocratic class for what they are - experts of narrow breadth who think they're far wiser than they really are. Second, he taught the teachable people in the GOP that the press is the enemy. They're not mistaken, they're not acting on good faith, they're not trying to get the story right, they're progressive activists. They are the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has gotten the message. Dig this.

John McCain and Mitt Romney never understood that. They never punched back as the press drowned them in stories designed to advance their favored, progressive narratives. With Trump, we finally have someone who stands up for us against a media that has completely lost the plot.

Now that some of our politicians have gotten the message, I wish we could move on from the Big Brat. Oh well. I expect that Trump will beat Biden and whatever cabal of abusive manipulators form up behind him to pull his dementia-coated strings. We'll get another spate of great judges, but we'll also get 4 more years of fit-throwing.



Ilíon said...

Aw! Just as I was starting to warm to him.

ligneus said...

Firstly, I like DJT, secondly, read Don Surber's blog, you will get a different take on the happenings of the Donald, thirdly, Hillary Clinton!

Ilíon said...

Would DeSantis be defending himself against the media lies against him had not Trump shown the way?

ligneus said...

Or how about Trump as one of the greatest of fictional characters,the little boy in The Emperor's New Clothes?
I still find it refreshing to have someone who is not a mealy mouthed in it for themselves professional politician. Someone with the common sense to take on China, appoint decent judges and justices and to cause the lefty/communists and faux Republicans to crawl out of their hiding places into the daylight as an aside.
I was a Cruz supporter [still am!] but I'm not sure even he could have have done what Trump has done.
It's all God's doing, as in looking after drunks, fools and USA!

PS. I respect that maybe you see things that I am perhaps too dim to see.

K T Cat said...

Ilion - DeSantis would most certainly not have been defending himself without Trump's example. That's one of the great benefits of Trump. Dittos for the judges and the deregulation. Now that we have the example, we could probably find our way without all of his behavioral baggage. I think Trump was necessary and beneficial, I've just had enough of him.

Ligneus - I read Surber almost every day. I get what he's doing, providing readers with alternative takes on the media's narrative. I like him, but I still have had enough of Trump. I'll vote for him this year, but ... sigh.

Ilíon said...

"I was a Cruz supporter [still am!] ..."

Cruz is not a natural born US citizen (*). And, given his particular education, it is impossible to rationally maintain that he himself does not know this.

(*) Hell! He wasn't even a US citizen until his mother filled out the paperwork when he was 16.

ligneus said...

After obama and his registering as a foreign student etc. and it all being covered up I think Cruz is eminently qualified to run for Pres. And anyway he did! So the point is moot.

Ilíon said...

^ And that is why America is doomed.

ligneus said...

Ha ha! Reminds me of I think Beckett who, when a friend in observing what a beautiful day it was with, 'Makes you glad to be alive', said, 'Oh I wouldn't go quite that far'.
America will be OK.
Trump won't be able to do it all but he's set the country in a different direction to where obama was taking it.

ligneus said...

Shamelessly stolen from Instapundit.


POTUS can’t lose here that’s why he picked this fight. He is a Jacksonian whose entire philosophy can be summed up by this sentence written nearly twenty years ago by the late great Steven Den Beste one of the greatest bloggers who ever lived

The whole point of Jacksonianism is “You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. You play fair with me and I’ll play fair with you. But if you f*** with me, I’ll kill you.”

That’s Trump all over.

ligneus said...

Link didn't transfer.

Ilíon said...

"America will be OK."

America will be OK *only if* the Constitution is scrupulously adhered to. And you, along with most alleged "conservatives", are willing to knowingly violate the Constitution to get the outcome you desire.

America is screwed.

ligneus said...

Please explain, I'm interested to know, how would I, were I even American and I hope that doesn't make my commenting illegitimate, knowingly and willingly violate the Constitution?

ligneus said...

Ah, you mean the Cruz thing, no good answer except he did grow up there, has no criminal record and has been a good citizen.

ligneus said...

It's at the very least not cut and dried that he is ineligible.

K T Cat said...

(W)hen a friend in observing what a beautiful day it was with, 'Makes you glad to be alive', said, 'Oh I wouldn't go quite that far'.

HAHAHA! I'd never heard that one.

Ilíon said...

I'd forgotten (if I even knew) that you are not American. Not being an American doesn't make your commenting "illegitimate".

Exactly, the Cruz thing.

"It's at the very least not cut and dried that he is ineligible."

People are lying: some because they want to see a President Cruz (or Haley or Rubio), some because they need to continue to obfuscate the fact that Obama is not a natural born US citizen.

In the case of Cruz, he was born in Canada. Thus, even had both his parents been US citizens at the time of his birth (only his mother was), he was not a US citizen, much less a natural born US citizen, at birth.

A child born outside the US to a citizen of the US attains US citizenship "on the parent's dime" *only if* before the child's 18th birthday the child's citizen parent/s complete-and-submit certain forms as provided by US Immigration and Naturalization Law enacted by the US Congress.

ERGO, legally speaking Cruz is naturalized US citizen ... which citizenship he acquired when he was 16 years old.

ligneus said...

Ya got me! But I can't help feeling there's a bit of hair splitting going on. And it's not as if he was born in some shithole country....oh wait.....
Maybe when illegal aliens are no longer given driving licenses, welfare, healthcare, the VOTE fer cryin' out loud, we can talk.
Maybe if Canada became the 51st State, would that work? I wouldn't recommend it.
Maybe Trump could pardon him for having the temerity to have been born in Canada to make up for some of the nasty things he said about him in the campaign.
Maybe he'd make a pretty good Pres.

Ilíon said...

"Ya got me! But I can't help feeling there's a bit of hair splitting going on."

"Hair splitting" / "respecting/enforcing the law"; tomato, tomahto

"Maybe when illegal aliens are no longer given driving licenses, welfare, healthcare, the VOTE fer cryin' out loud, we can talk. ..."

As I said, America is doomed: almost everyone, for one reason/objective or another, is doing their best to ensure it.

"Maybe if Canada became the 51st State, would that work?"

No, because only *one* of his parents was a US citizen at the time of his birth.

"Maybe he'd make a pretty good Pres."

Irrelevant to the Constitution.

This is what makes one a natural born US citizen --

1) being born under the jurisdiction of the US

2) both one's parents being US citizens at the time of one's birth

2a) by implication, that one's parents are married to one another, as bastards "have no father"

Back when the Constitution was written, a married woman automatically acquired the citizenship of her husband (and thus, a US citizen woman who married a non-citizen automatically lost her US citizenship). This was under the doctrine/concept called "coverture".

ligneus said...

Well I'm learning a lot here. btw, Regarding me being Canadian, formerly a Brit, my daughter in Fargo has her green card, is married to a US citizen and both my granddaughters were born there so you can say I have some skin in the game.

Ilíon said...

Your granddaughters are US citizens; but they are not natural born US citizens (while your daughter is a legal US resident, she is not a US citizen).

Ilíon said...

"Well I'm learning a lot here."

You're doing better than most Americans. Even (most of) the ones who call themselves "conservative" refuse even to listen to reason and logic and evidence ... because then they'd have to admit that Ted Cruz (or Nikki Haley, or Marco Rubio, or whoever is the GOP's latest golden exotic) can never legally be US President.

Here is a common scenario, concerning Cruz --

* I try to lay out the points at issue and the facts of the matter;
* They -- imagining they have trumped anything I can possibly say -- reference the 'Naturalization Act of 1790' (for it uses the phrase 'natural born Citizens'), to wit: "... And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens:"
* AH-HA! they proclaim, "See! Even the First Congress considered that Cruz *is* a natural born US citizen"
* I point out --
-- 'The Naturalization Act of 1790' is a naturalization act; that is, pursuant to the powers granted Congress by the Constitution, it was enacted to define the legal conditions under which persons who are *not* US citizens may be naturalized as US citizens;
-- The Act does not say that these children *are* natural born US citizens -- that would have been a violation of Congresses powers -- it says that for purposes of US law, they shall be "considered as" (*) natural born US citizens;
-- Moreover, Cruz was not the child "of citizens of the United States", he was the child a a citizen;
-- Moreover again, you've ignored the proviso to the preceding, to wit: "Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States" -- that is, in the understanding, and law, of the time, citizenship descended through the father, and Cruz's father was not a US citizen when Cruz was born;
-- Moreover yet again, the 'Naturalization Act of 1790' was repealed by the 'Naturalization Act of 1795'
* They say, "Na-uh!";
* I quote the 'Naturalization Act of 1795', where it *explicitly* says it is repealing the former naturalization act;
* They say, "Fuck you!"

(*) And even this was actually unConstitutional, and it set up a potential contradiction in US law -- which is why the 'Naturalization Act of 1795' does away with that whole tangle.

Ilíon said...

One may recall that back in the day, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowery, and the other denizens of 'National Review' -- you know, all those dues-paying members of Conservatism, Inc, now reviled as "cucks" -- joined with the Democrats in drumming out of polite society anyone with the temerity to lay out the fact that Obama is not a natural born US citizen. The reason they did this is:
* whether consciously/intentionally or not, they, like the Democrats, have internalized the leftist hatred for the "white" component of the historic American people;
* there were a number of "ethnic" rising stars in the GOP (Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio) whom they wanted to advance as potential presidential candidates, none of whom are natural born US citizens;

So, in order that 'X' might occupy the Oval Office, is was necessary to denigrate and violate the US Constitution; and nearly everyone is more than willing to do that.

Thus, as I say, the USA is doomed.

Ilíon said...

Is Kamala Harris a natural born US citizen?

Probably not; and no one cares.

If she is not a natural born US citizen, then she cannot legally be Vice-President, much less President; and no one cares.

She's a woman, and a "Poc", (and a Democrat, thus untouchable), and you (i.e. me) are clearly a RAYCISSS! for even asking the question!

Ilíon said...

Them (left): "Trump's mother was a foreigner! See, you're just a RAYCISSS!"

Me: Trumps's mother was naturalized before he was born, ergo *both* his parents were US citizens at the time of his birth; ergo, he was born in the US to two US citizen parents; ergo, he is a natural born US citizen;

Them (left): Fuck you!

Them (pseudo-right): Trump 2020 -- Trump 2024-2028; Trump 2032-2036; Trump 2044-2044 Trump 2048-2052!

Me: none of Trump's children are natural born US citizens

Them (pseudo-right): Fuck you, cuck!