Saturday, May 30, 2020

It's All OK As Long As You Vote

Two and two are four. Here's two for you.

Hillary wants you to vote.

Candace Owens says that's all they care about.
Here are two more.

This is Jacob Frey, the impeccably credentialed (Villanova, class of 2009) and perfectly woke mayor of Minneapolis. Racial justice has been a big part of his political life.

Here are the standardized test results from Henry High, an 1100-student, majority-black high school in Minneapolis.

It's possible to succeed at Henry High. Black kids aren't succeeding, but as long as they vote, it's all good.

Vote Vote Vote

Votes are the only thing that matter. You can spend 12 years in the progs' school system and end up illiterate, just vote. You can riot and burn down businesses, just vote. You can shoot each other on the streets, just vote. Use drugs, wreck your life, drink too much, just vote. Vote vote vote.

Of Matches And Explosives

The press wants you to vote, too. For the right people, of course. That's why they pump stories that feed racial paranoia. There's a very narrow filter for the press. They're constantly on the lookout for stories where a white person inflicts some kind of damage on a black person. It's best if it's someone in authority and the very best are white cops doing it. Those stories have gone above the fold for a decade or more now. They run them for as long as they can, like hit Broadway plays.

Our schools are similarly filled with vote-groomers. My daughter went to a race-crazed public high school where her American History text book featured one story of racial injustice after another. Our local Catholic university has embraced the progs' version of Nazi Race Theory, Whiteness Studies. All across the country, the education industry teaches children to hate America. The NYT recently ran their 1619 Project series to engender hatred of America.

The progs don't care about the 550 black kids at Henry High, most of whom graduate unable to read. No one cares about the black kids at Camden High or at the high schools in Baltimore or Chicago, either. As long as you can read well enough to mark the right box on the ballot, it's all good. To ensure that you never deviate from voting for them, they feed your racial paranoia constantly.

Heck, Joe Biden even said recently that if you don't vote for him, you ain't black.

So now our cities are burning after a single incident where a guy we don't know was involved in the death of another guy we don't know. There's no indication that the event that led to the death was racially motivated. There's no indication that the death was caused by the acts of the first guy. Just yesterday, the coroner said he didn't suffocate or choke to death and that intoxicants in his body played a part in what looks to have been a heart attack.

Who cares? Burn the cities. Wreck your neighborhoods. Graduate from our schools unable to read. We don't care.

Just vote.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Something is very wrong with that chart of college readiness...

It says that 1 of 10 for all students are ready (the first line). Then it says that for every group of ten students, for each and every racial demographic, there are at least 2 of 10 that are college ready. OK, the percentages only add to 98%. This might be rounding, or it might be a small group of "other". It doesn't matter, since it is only about 2%. There is no way to average 4 groups above 1.5/10 that comprise 98% of the total student body and one 2% group at 0/10, to get down to only 1/10 for the total.

Maybe the folks that prepared that graph aren't college ready either.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I saw that, but I don't understand how they do the rankings. In any case, I looked at four Minneapolis high schools with significant black populations and they all look exactly alike. No one cares about the black kids or the adults which they become. If they're nearly illiterate, that's fine, so long as they vote straight D.

Mostly Nothing said...

I interact with some Minneapolis schools in my volunteering with scorekeeping for basketball and baseball at my kids' old school, which is a small private school. More with St Paul, but some Minneapolis.

Of course, these students are obviously the athletes, and so must stay out of trouble and do enough to keep a 2.0. But the kids are mostly well behaved.

The worst behavior is from basketball players in the tougher parts of St Paul. But then we don't play against the tougher parts of Minneapolis. On the whole, they are much better behaved than some of the private school kids.

Our school does do scholarships to the underprivileged. When my son was a senior and one of the captains of the football team (his second year playing football), he also was given tasks to mentor some of those kids. Not as in school work, as in life. He would take kids home after practice and such. The coach was pretty smart; giving kids a positive role model in my son. And showing my son how the less privileged lived.

Rest assured, the Superintendent comes in the Minneapolis and gets well over-paid and does a terrible job. Then get thrown out with a golden parachute.

Rinse, lather, repeat.