Friday, May 08, 2020

The Lockdown Had One Job

... and it's done that job.

In the past week, we've had people over for dinner and we've brought dinner to a friend. Everyone involved is in at least one of the ChiCom Flu risk groups. None of us care any more.

When you thought about what was happening from the virus' point of view, we were all putting ourselves at risk, just the same as if we had done this 1, 2 or 3 weeks ago. If we contracted it and died, what difference would it make if we died a few weeks earlier or later? None.

So the lockdown did one thing - kept the hospitals from getting overwhelmed. Other than that, it did nothing. Well, that's not entirely true, it gave us time to learn about the disease from our own data sets. Both of those benchmarks have been met. The hospitals are so underwhelmed that they're going out of business and we understand the disease.

The only thing the lockdown is doing now is punishing us.

Filets, cooked in a cast iron skillet and drizzled with an herb butter. They were awesome. If we get sick eating such things with friends, then so be it.


K T Cat said...

I'm on my phone, so it's too hard to update the post other than with a comment.

I just found out that all of the hiking trails in the state parks off of Sunrise Highway are still closed. Makes sense. We wouldn't want the Rona to attack lonely hikers. Imagine what it would be like if a dozen or so viruses jumped you while you were hiking all alone in the hot, sunny San Diego weather.

IlĂ­on said...

"The only thing the lockdown is doing now is punishing us."

While the Dems do indeed love to punish Americans, they also think that the lockdown doing one other thing: creating a groundswell of yearning for 'Grope and Change'

Foxfier said...

A lady whose writing I read a lot has an, uh, "interesting" family background that left her very aware of many nasty predator behaviors, from petty to dang near get you killed.

She's pretty sure, and so am I, that part of the freak out is a violation of boundaries-- if you went through the Veritas abuse prevention classes, this would be the part of the warning signs section where the abuser is breaking rules.