Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Teaching Lies

The UC system has decided to ditch the SATs because inequality.
The University of California board of regents voted Thursday to stop using the SAT and ACT college admissions exams, reshaping college admissions in one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in the country and dealing a significant blow to the multibillion-dollar college admission testing industry.

The unanimous 23-to-0 vote ratified a proposal put forward last month by UC President Janet Napolitano to phase out the exams over the next five years until the sprawling UC system can develop its own test.

The battle against standardized tests has raged for years because minority students score, on average, lower than their white classmates. Advocates argue that the exams are an unfair admission barrier to those students because they often cannot pay for pricey test preparation.
Yeah, it's all about expensive test prep classes. Just like it is at Camden High in New Jersey.

The kids can't read or do math..

... despite having plenty of teachers ...

... who graduate them anyway.
There's a single review comment about the school on the site.
Camden high school is a very good school but the only thing why parents think the teachers don't teach is because the students do not want to learn. These students in this school is very smart but they does not show it. Only if the students was less disruptive and start paying attention more than it would be good.
No one cares. The press is on high alert for any examples of racism, but totally ignore the hundreds of thousands of kids just like these. The teachers are negotiating for more pay and bigger pensions while keeping quiet about what is happening in their classrooms. The local politicians talk about everything except the wretched culture and the wrecked families.

Yes, by all means, let's ditch the SATs. Why do we want any objective measures of reality? If we have those, we'll just have to lie about them. It's best to hide reality so we don't have to lie so much.


Ohioan@Heart said...

I hope that comment was sarcasm, parody, or a bad joke. Sadly, with the "proficiency" numbers listed, it is far too likely to be an attempt at a serious comment.

On the issue of UC dropping the SATs, I can only assume that they think this will allow them to get the diversity numbers they want, and damn the quality of the student. This will leave them in what (for an actual university) is a quandary. Do they "flunk out" an increasing portion of their students, or do they lower their standards. It won't be a quandary for UC, as they have clearly indicated that 'standards' no longer apply to them or their students. Remember this act as just another significant milestone along the road of the destruction of California by the left.

K T Cat said...

I think that comment was heartfelt. It made me intensely sad to read it, thinking of the person writing it and what their future might be.

As for lowering standards at the UCs, hey, they'd just be following the standard set by Harvard where the average grade is A-.