Sunday, May 31, 2020

I Need An Experimental Farm

... or maybe just a house on several acres of land.

My Dixie project raised bed is currently full of healthy, happy cotton and cayenne.

I swear, two of my Nankeen cotton plants (far side of the bed) grew an inch the other day.

I've got new, Virginia Red tobacco seeds coming next week, but nowhere to plant them. Optimally, I'd grow about 30 of them so I could make a significant mound of cured leaves to test my fermentation ideas. I've got a new idea, by the way. If I had that many, I'd be able to construct a chicken wire box to fill with hands of tobacco leaves, effectively simulating a core sample from a commercial tobacco fermentation barn.

Imagine creating a 2' x 2' vertical slice of this pile.

The problem isn't growing the stuff or harvesting it, the problem is that I've run out of space.

This is just one more reason to move to Dixie, buy a house on 40 acres and start a chihuahua plantation.

Updated Thoughts on the Riots

I'm kind of losing interest in them. This is a blue-on-blue civil war. The left has cultivated racial paranoia in the black community in order to keep their votes following decades of disastrous Democratic rule of black neighborhoods. Through the academy, they've cultivated of America-hating ANTIFA radicals. Now, blue cities are being sacked by the radicals the left has deliberately created.

This was all perfectly predictable, when you think about it. When rioting, people don't travel far. Given the Democrats' domination of the cities, it was only ever going to be blue cities that would be wrecked by these groups.

Hilariously, they're doubling down on the whole race thing, making insane claims about white supremacists being behind the riots. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, given that the left screams that women can become men. In for a dime of delusion, in for a dollar. On Twitter, el gato malo said it as well as it could be said.


Mostly Nothing said...

So we spent much of the day watching local coverage yesterday.

Things are quiet out in my neighborhood now. And our City Council voted to not impose a curfew. Since the protesters know the cop is gone from here, they've moved on. We have become a pretty diverse neighborhood, somes Blacks, Asians, Indian (continental Asia). Not many Latino. Probably, Native American as well. There are many many people that have more than trace amounts of DNA from native tribes.

Anyway, the Governor and the 2 Mayors had press conferences telling us that most all of the baddies were from out of state. Watching the live coverage, didn't seem that way. Mostly I saw under-30 year old woke people defying the orders of authority.

The TV coverage was respectful to law enforcement, but still asked stupid questions of the Governor.

The press from the "enemy paper" - Minneapolis Star Tribune, were acting more like protesters than journalists. At least a few out there say in their twitter bio that they are sports writers for the paper. They have no business being out there.

There were still agitators out there, and most reports of license plates are from Texas. A number of cars were driving around with no plates. would be loaded with rocks and other "tools". Mostly stolen cars. Apparently, some of those were diverions.

The police/troopers/guard did a good job. The would-be rioters where not given a chance to organize, and so the City didn't burn last night. We may have turned a corner.

IlĂ­on said...

I could sell you @3 acres in "north central" Ohio; on a hill, about half of it wooded. Of course, the soil is heavy clay ... and I *still* haven't finished the house.