Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Press Isn't Listening

I finally looked into Twitter's recent decision to post "fact checking" links on President Trump's tweets. The first foray into Twitter's self-destruction is all about voting by mail.

First, Twitter may have just signed its own death warrant. The only way it can survive is by being classified as a platform instead of a publisher. A platform, like the phone company, exerts no editorial influence on the content. A publisher does. A platform has no exposure to libel or slander charges from whatever passes over it. A publisher does.

Second, the whole vote-by-mail thing is a frightening example of what happens when you have a news media that is partisan. They are completely missing the story here. The deplorables are screaming out that they want elections they can trust. That means at least moving in the direction of voter ID if not using it universally. Vote-by-mail is the exact opposite of that.

If the deplorables feel like the ballot harvesting in Orange County and places allowing illegals to vote is happening more generally, then the militia protests in Virginia and Michigan will be repeated, only this time with more vigor.

In Michigan, peaceful protesters showed their unhappiness with the governor's lockdown orders.

In Virginia, peaceful protesters showed their unhappiness with the Democrats' modifications to the Second Amendment.

I don't know how much clearer this can get for the press. If they weren't so busy being political activists, pushing their progressive narratives, they might see what's coming. They might help us see what's coming, too. 


As I blogged before, an insurrection won't look anything like what most people think.

(A)rguments against an informal militia standing up to the government featured claims that hunting rifles were no match for fighter jets. One congressional idiot even went so far as to talk about nuclear weapons. This was all wrong.

The people fighting to get their livelihoods back aren't facing F-18s. They're going up against cops. Very quickly, they've got the cops outnumbered and outgunned. When their cause has some amount of righteousness, they've also got the sympathy of law enforcement.

 This could get very ugly.

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Thor's_Hammer said...

As the majority of the military lean conservative and have a higher regard for the Country they volunteered to defend than their average civilian counterpart, such an insurrection will also have the support of those who serve; either explicitly or by tacitly standing by on a not to interfere basis. If military chooses sides, the left is DONE.