Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What Was The Comey-Rice Plan?

Apparently, super-secret emails have revealed the Susan Rice, a brainiac working for Obama, was coaching James Comey, another brainiac working for Obama, how to spot Russians trying to cut their own pay by helping Trump get elected. Or something like that.

Man, it's a good thing those brainiacs have prestigious degrees. Otherwise, we'd think they were ordinary morons instead of brainiacs. Maybe that's what a degree does for you. It's just a marker that keeps people from assessing you by your performance and views. Hmm.

Anywho, the two of them and the rest of their brainiac cabal decided to withhold classified information from Mike Flynn, who was Trump's incoming NSA dude.

And then what?

For how long?

I guess I'm not as smart as the Obama people because I can't figure out how this was supposed to end in something other than a total collapse of their complicated conspiracy the way all complicated conspiracies end. Maybe next time they could try staffing their squad with something other than self-important wonks.

These folks were going to keep running the country after their president left.
Yeah, right.

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