Thursday, November 17, 2016

Low Country Zombies

I'm in Houston Airport on the way home, but neither snow nor sleet nor travel shall keep this blogger from his appointed blather!

We rented a boat in Savannah and cruised around the marsh waterways for a while. As I looked across the endless tracts of swamp, it occurred to me that this would be a perfect zombie barrier.

It's nearly impossible to walk through the low country marshes even for healthy people. Zombies, with rotting, misshapen limbs would be practically immobilized. Pick an island that could be isolated with a drawbridge and voila! A zombie-proof fortress with plenty of delicious seafood!


tom said...

Bridges? They fail. The popular choice in the SC Lowcountry is to simply live on an island and commute by boat. Popular examples include Dewees Island near Mt Pleasant. Lots of less-wealthy examples too; a Gullah island made the news a few years ago when the boat carrying residents flipped and most drowned.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a lot last week on a real estate site available on dewees for a half mill...

Anonymous said...

The Wyld Dock Bar would've been a great place to go. It's one of the few places you can boat in to. (Which a surprise.) I think it's actually easier to boost to than to drive.

The Same Anon
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