Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sometimes You Don't Want An Old Dog To Learn New Tricks

... particularly when that trick is howling at sirens.

Howling in harmony? No. Just howling.
Bodie, the older and larger Catican Guard never used to howl at sirens. He's a really laid-back dog unless you come into our yard and he doesn't know you. Then things can get ugly. In any case, our new Catican Guards, the chihuahua sisters, Leah and Lily, both howl at sirens. Bodie has decided this is a good idea.


I mean, it's funny and all, particularly when you watch a little chihuahua really put her back into it and she lets rip with a tiny yet ferocious howl, but I can see how this could get old. Luckily, we don't hear sirens all that often.


tom said...

Our dog loves to respond to sirens... just happened five minutes ago. Since there's only one dog here, it's still funny.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, it's so emotive for them. I love it.