Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Supreme Court Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Does anyone still get that reference? It's from the ghastly 1970s movie, Love Story, a rancid, gooey, teen-date movie if ever there was one. Lots of guys endured it because it practically guaranteed a make out session.

But I digress.

Better title: The Supreme Court Means Never Having To Campaign For Votes.

Dig this map of state government trifectas. Red means the state has a Republican governor and both legislatures. Blue is Democrat, grey is split.

Transgendered rights, it turned out, wasn't a winning argument.
Imagine trying to get a constitutional amendment passed recognizing gay marriage in that environment. Not. Gonna. Happen. However, the Supreme Court blew right past that hoary tradition and simply decreed what was effectively the same thing.

And you rubes thought you were allowed to vote for things. Ha ha ha. What a laugh.

See also: Constitutional amendment legalizing abortion, chances of passage of.

Of course, we've got an opening on the Supreme Court now and a bunch of geriatric liberals as well. Ted Cruz and a few like-minded individdles might push the country back towards a real democracy where if you want to remake the culture, you'll have to, you know, like, convince the people that it's a good idea.

Gasp! The horror! No wonder they're rioting in Portland.


IlĂ­on said...

Ted Cruz no more honors the US Constitution than any generic "liberal" does.

Mostly Nothing said...

Term limits for the House, Senate and Supreme Court.