Tuesday, November 08, 2016

About A Year From Now

... I want to see the airwaves filled with ads for the propositions we're voting on today, created by the people on the losing ends. They'd all be something like this:

"Oh, sure, you thought you knew better, didn't you? We told you not to vote for Proposition 56, but you went ahead and did it anyway. Now look. Everything we said was true. The state is another $400M in debt, the price of tuition has skyrocketed and the elm trees are all barren. Well, we hope you're satisfied with yourselves."

Sometimes I think weird things.


tim eisele said...

So, why is California so proposition-happy, anyway? While Michigan occasionally has ballot propositions, there is never anything like the interminable list that California has (and this year, we didn't have any).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I miss having to bring a crib sheet in with me to vote...